What indie game publishers do you recommend?

Hey guys,

I'm working on my first game that I plan on publishing once it's ready.
I was wondering how everyone here publishes their games?

Self published or publishers?
If you're using publishers I'd love to hear about your experience and who you recommend publishing with.

Thanks :)


  • There are specialist publishers for each platform and genre.
    What platform/s you are planning to release and what genre game is it?
  • Ah, I was not aware of that.
    I'm mainly focusing on PC (Windows) and I guess it's Genre is Board Game / Adventure.
  • This is quite a broad question you're asking, and something you should maybe do some more research on first, IMHO. There's a lot of other great resources on whether or not to use a publisher or self-publish, and the pros vs cons. It's also not an all-or-nothing thing, there's a spectrum and many axes to consider. Are they funding anything? Marketing? Distributions? Porting? Support? Localization? Events and festivals? Design and business advice? Something else?

    For which publishers to look at, I suggest you do research in 2 ways: 1) search for lists of indie-friendly publishers and research the publishers in those lists, and 2) look for other games that are similar to what you're making, see who published those, and research them. Then, do your research on what those publishers are looking for and what they can do for you - it's a two-way street here. Ask other game devs they've worked with how the experience was. Once you have a short list of publishers you want to reach out to, polish your pitch (lots of resources on this), and reach out to them. If you can arrange an introduction from someone else that goes a long way. Then send those pitches on and be prepared to follow up and take the discussion further.
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  • I would self published to itch and steam.
    If you do get a publisher make sure they will atually mean something, like do marketing.

  • I will probably self publish on the available platforms, for now.
    I've done some research and there are many free to publish platforms that only take 15% - 30% from the sales.

    Publishers seems to take a high % of the sales but handles all the advertising and marketing, resulting in higher sales, and thus making allowing a person to get his name/brand out there a lot faster.

    Thanks for the input though. :)
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