Jumpy Fish

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Jumpy fish is a mobile game I am currently designing! Which uses one touch controls, addictive gameplay and hyper casual random precedural creation to keep the players playing.

It started out as a Flappy bird clone and evolved from there during the process of the game.

"The fish don't want you to use them.. Why would you put them through the tortue of jumping through obstacles again and again and again so you can get the highest score and become number one in the world!... You're just sick!"


Jumpy Fish - Party Time Promo WATCH IT HERE:


Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


  • Main character animation sprite sheet!

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    Some promotional material to create disussions and start to create the appearance that the game is an alternate version of earth with human as fish.

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  • Love the character designs! Fat human lips on animals is always a winner!

    How far along with the gameplay are you? Anything to share (gif, videos etc).

    Are you looking for any feedback?
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    Hey Evan! Thanks for your reply man. Big fan of your guys work. Robbie's game, "Genital Jousting" is legend!

    I'm about 95% complete with the game. It is currently in a closed beta to close friends and family but will be open to the very public soon. Getting some lekker feedback from everyone.
    It has a flappy bird, can't put it down, throw your phone against the wall in frustration feel to it.

    Currently in crunch, final push to the finish. Working on a exp and leveling feature for each fish to add longevity to the game to keep people playing for longer.

    Will add a link to the beta once I've uploaded this next big update!
    My brain has turned to mush, being in crunch for so long, but that's game design, lol.
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    Mr.F is watching you fool.
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    David Attenborough's voice "The Jumpy fish is a wonder of nature. Ever wondered what's inside one? Well here you go!"
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    The video below shows off the dynamic water physics within the game.

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    Nice Dave!

    Why don't you open the beta to the good folk here? Its not a massive crowd and could get some good feedback.

    Dave and I have been making games together since our younger days in Pretoria (that's why he referenced Robbie (@Squidcor), who was also kicking around our hood then). Unfortunately life got in the way and I haven't managed to stick with it as much as I'd love to (besides some Game Jams here and there). That said, Dave has managed to keep at it (relatively... had to bite the bullet on some pretty sketchy dev jobs along the way) and for this game specifically now I've been helping with some testing and feedback for the past few weeks. Must say its very impressive and polished, especially for a single guy working on this!

    Hope you guys get a chance to check it out soon and give some feedback :)
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  • Hi there, I really like the look.

    Hope you don't mind me asking, but will the game feature any in water obstacles?
    Cause the water physics are pretty cool and avoiding water based threats could be an interesting puzzle.
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  • Hi Lesedi!

    Thanks for your reply. Currently the water physics is a gimmick, looks a lot better than just a flat sprite, and not tied to game play.
    A water threat you will encounter are the movie JAWS inspired, great white sharks!
    At every obstacle the goal is to keep your heart jumping out of your chest!

    A final beta build will be available come the end of this week. So look out for this space!
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    One for all, and all for one!
  • This looks awesome :D You seem to have put a lot of work into it, and the art is brilliant, well done! I'm super keen to check it out when you get out an open beta. Watching this space.
  • Some screenshots from the game!


    *From an older version. Images do not necessarily show finalized product.
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    Whose that Jumpy fish? it'sssssssss Blast!
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    Jumpy fish is available for download here:

    Any feedback would be greatly appriciated!
  • I love the humour, the flappy-birdish-throw-my-phone-against-the-wall vibe is definitely there! The audio is really good, I'm not a fan of in-game music so the ability to turn it off but leave on game sounds was neat. Well done on this dude, can see you've put a lot of time and effort into all aspects.

    The only issue I had was the leader board is linked to the Google Play leader boards and wasn't loading because my profile was set to private, which I didn't even know was a thing, got around that though eventually. Perhaps see if you can pick that up and inform users who are on private to stop them from thinking it's stuck, could just be me though.

    Other than that, well impressed! I'm gonna do my best to get to 1st :D
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  • @AshleySanders thanks for the feedback! And good luck!

    I'll be looking into a way to prompt users to make their Google profile scores, public. Hopefully there's a simple screen menu that I can pop.
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  • Dev Log: Added a reel in mechanic to the fishing feature of the game.

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    Sucking at something is the first step towards being sorta good at something..
  • Awesome game! Some of my thoughts after playing for a bit:
    • Would be nice to see all the power ups in 1 screen to know what's available.
    • A double jump power up is something I would really want (unless it already exists, but I don't know as mentioned above).
    • The sharks feel a bit pointless at the moment, I feel like they should count towards your score at the very least.
    • After getting passed 20 obstacles the game starts to feel a bit slow, I kept wanting the fishes speed to go faster as I got better at the game.
    • When I have the 2x lives power up and make a mistake early on, there's no quick way to restart the game, have to first click end, then play. Could just be 1 button in the pause screen to restart instead of the 2 click process.
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    I've played this for about an hour and a half with a high score of 42 and 15 fish unlocked (for context as I don't use the Google Play system and can't see the high scores so I don't know if I'm terrible, average, or good at this yet):

    * The animation + movement + gameplay is incredibly fluid. I am so impressed by this.

    * I find the pace to be a bit slow but I have been playing FutureGrind since Friday night so this game feels like a holiday in comparison. I would like to see it speed up a bit later on rather than the gaps getting too small. Having said that, the pace plus the fluidity is really relaxing for me and there were a few times where I entered into a state of flow and it was great. It's a larger discussion for another time and place but I've been thinking a lot in the past year about games and how they affect the adrenaline system (my theory is that there is a long term negative medical affect that no one seems to be studying at the moment) and I really liked being able to play a "pressure" game that I could feel wasn't affecting me physically.

    * I really like the music selection (although I think it lends itself to faster gameplay), as well as the variety in the background art/themes, as well as the fish variety. It keeps it fresh (so far, anyway).

    * If I can be nitpicky, the buttons need a bit more graphic design flair to match the rest of the game.

    * I'd like to be able to long press on a fish in the encyclopedia and see a bigger picture of it (possibly with a bullshitty humour bio if you're up for writing a bunch of those). [I can try my hand at it if you have budget for it.]

    * I'd also like a double jump.

    * I'd also like to see the sharks have more of a purpose.

    * I'd like to see an occasional coin being a powerup that gives you a boost or an extra life or a coin multiplier (or whatever else I haven't seen yet) for 30 seconds.

    * The pause system (having to flip out of the game quickly etc) works really, really well.
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    @Enchiridion && @Watman thanks for the feedback!! Appreciated!

    The game has been broken up into seasons. Each season lasting a month which has two purposes.
    1. Players have 1 month to reach the highest score and get their name into the Hall of Fame.
    2. Gives me enough to time to implement new features and fixes.

    * This project won't be a "its released and done" kind of game. It'll continue to evolve as each season comes and passes.

    Season 1 starts 1st Feb 2019 and I'm busy fixing any bugs and adding the final features to the game for release:

    - Reset and exit game button will be added to pause screen.

    - The sharks will give you a score.

    - The game speed will be increased.

    - Secret fish events added.
    1. Have you seen the spaceship?
    2. Have you heard about the legendary fish called Yeno?

    Season 2: 1st March 2019

    - New songs

    - Graphics overhaul.

    - Bio's of the fish when tapped.

    - More powers will be added. I'll look into the feasibility of a double jump. (When testing this in the early stages it broke the difficulty of the game. The games main difficulty, is the players ability to judge distance and tap length which gives them one chance to jump through an obstacle. But I'll play around with it a bit more and see.

    - A screen showing you all the powers available,

    - I'll look into the feasibility of extra powers in the stage. (This would make it more fun for sure but might break the difficulty curve of the game, but I'll take a look.)

    Thanks for your feed back! Appreciated! Hope you keep playing and look out for this space for new updates!
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    Jumpy Fish - Party Time Promo WATCH IT HERE:


    v Released!
    - Game has become dramatically harder. Speed and object position edited.
    - A visual treat awaits you in the night zone.
    - Reset and Quit button have been added to pause menu.
    - A crown for the fish to wear is awarded to the player with rank 1.
    - A score to get till next rank has been added on the game over screen.
    - Help/Guide menu added to help with some users not being able to log in and load the leaderboard.
    (Some help/guide features deactivated for now)
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    Gangnam Fishy style!
  • Well, I laughed the first time I saw the Afro-Disco Shark (or Afro-Rave Shark, I guess, but it doesn't have the same ring to it).

    Quick notes:
    * I'm still not connected to the Google services (and never will be) but the game lost my high score tally when I installed the new version, even though it remembered all my other progress. It would be great if your ultimate high score always stays in the game (as a reminder of what you're capable of) even if the monthly scores get wiped.

    * I saw the UFO but I don't know if that's new to this build or was always there.

    * You should consider putting that circular arrow icon on the "reset" button instead of the word "reset" to make it more accessible to people who don't speak English.

    * I'd actually like an instant reset button on the game screen, maybe above the pause button, because once people start getting to the point where they're wanting to compete for a high score they're probably going to be using fish such as Bill or Marilyn for the extra life so if they make a mistake early they're going to reset and that extra button press into the menu becomes annoying.

    * I can definitely sense the difficulty increase. I now start feeling little adrenaline punches on each jump from around no 28 so that's not good for me and Zen flow but that's good for the game. It's a good adjustment. (I currently have a high score of 41 with this build.)

    * I had one instance where the game froze on the opening load ("jumping in... 1/4 9 sec") but I took a screenshot at that point so I may have caused that.

    * I played maybe 15/20(?) games and had one where there was no coin between the pipes on the second jump.
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  • Awesome that you included some of my feedback :D

    Pace is much better. Also seems like you made the collision area on the fish smaller which is nice.

    Keep it up, keen to see more updates.
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  • Splash and promo screen!

  • @Enchiridion thanks man! Will keep you guys updated.

    @watman thanks for your input!

    The UFO is just a visual treat for now. It will become important in further updates later in the year.

    Regarding remembering score on season changeover:
    - I'll be adding a history page related to your game account at a later stage. - Season 2
    - But because the game changes every season so your score of 41 may not be reachable in newer seasons.

    * Game freezes on load: - Busy looking into it. It has something to do with trying to open google play games I think.
    *Coin not showing in between pipe - Also looking into this but thankfully it appears to be a limited occurrence and does not break the game.

    Thanks for your support so far! Game releases tomorrow!! One more all nighter. :)
  • Hi all!

    Jumpy Fish is live on the Play Store!

    Check it out here:

    If you've been following this game, please go check it out and let me know what you think! I plan on evolving the game as the year goes on with as much feedback as possible.

    Now that a month of crunch has come to a close, all I need now is a looooong nap.

  • Congrats. It's a good feeling to get something done.
    Looks like a pretty cool game. Will give it a shot
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  • @DavidKnightRedDawn thanks for showing the game last night :)
    We had a further chat in the office about the criticisms raised on Obamy, and one of the folks here had a good comment. Perhaps the "racist/charicature" view comes from Obamy not actually looking at all like Obama. To compare to Mr F, that really has some features that make him look distinctly like Mr T. The mohawk, the beard, the angry expression. Whereas Obamy looks like "token black character". So maybe making it look more distinctly like him, maybe salt and pepper hair, something around the mouth treatment, less extreme eyebrows, etc.

    To be clear I'm not emphasizing last nights commentary/criticism on the character, just passing on some constructive crit from a colleague on how that might be minimized :)
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    @mattbenic glad you digged it! And thanks for the feedback regarding the Obama fish.

    My intention with this game was never to trigger anyone nor make fun of him but in this current social climate, how we depict and use certain people/characters is something to keep in mind.

    Adding salt and peppered hair is a lekker idea, thanks!
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  • The point though is really that the depiction of the dude is both unflattering AND looks like a racial stereotype rather than a caricature. The combination of both makes it high potential to be a powerderkeg. I would say just sidestep it all and not go there.
  • @Tuism thanks for your input!

    I hear you. He needs to be handled more delicately. By distinguishing him more I believe it will move him away from looking like a stereotype and more towards a caricature. Which was the initial goal.
  • In the end, your impact is going to have a much bigger effect than your intention. Your goals don't matter to people who can't read your mind (everyone in the world ever). So this kind of stuff needs to be either handled super delicately or not at all. I would say in a game that has nothing to say about politics, staying away from it is a better call than to potentially hurt people who can't read your mind (again, everyone ever).
  • Yeah at no point did I think you intended offense :)

    I don't know that staying away from political characters would necessarily make a difference though. If you're representing real people that players will recognize, that's naturally going to represent as diverse a set of demographics as exist in public awareness (ie a really wide range). So there's always a risk of one of your representations not landing quite as you intended. It's the risk you take with any parody. As long as you approach any criticism in good faith and do your best to correct, that's what matters IMO
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  • Actually, by political I don't mean "people who are in politics", I meant political as in things that matter to real things. Things that aren't just entertainment. Like racial representation, is one thing. Politics isn't just about government and taxes, in the way that I used "political".

    (A fine example of impact mattering more than intention, cos I didn't intend to talk only about people who run for government positions, but it doesn't matter because it was read as such)
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  • Can someone please explain in more detail what the criticisms were that were discussed at the meeting and why you consider Obamy to be a racist depiction but are okay(?) with characters such as Mr F and Bahati.
  • Thanks for all your feedback guys!

    So a little context on those characters:
    Bahati (Meaning lucky in Swahili) is the traditional African warrior archetype and Mr F is a parody on Mr T, the African American warrior archetype.

    The feedback I've been getting from the African guys playing my game is that these are they're most played fish as well as Bill... but everyone digs him.

    That being said, I think the difference is that those characters look more distinguished from just being a racial stereo-type, they have features that make them look more fleshed out and the Obama fish still needs a bit of work to make him look more like him and not a bland cookie cutter stereo-type.

    As an aside.. I'll always follow the will of the community I'm building around this game. If my community of regular players come back to me and say hey,.. please change this, then I will get on it. :)
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    Jumpy Fish season 2 has been released!

    Download it here:


    New features:
    - Egg hunt event
    - Daily Challenges
    - New Obstacles

    - Obamy character has been refined.
    - Play button has been made more noticeable.
    - Pointing hands have been added to make some buttons more noticeable.
    - Bug fixes.
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  • Downloaded new version and got an error "Jumpy Fish is already installed on this device"

    Now when I open the game, it gets stuck on the "RedDawn Studios" screen.

    Deleting app data didn't fix it.

    Redownloading and reinstalling the app did solve it though. Weird.
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    @Enchiridion hey man!

    I've been noticing that too. Will be looking into it later to fix the issue.
    The Ad's finally came back on today and are now freezing the game.

    I'll PM you the money cheat so so you can get a few fish quickly.
  • Looks so well made. Clean art with a definite style. I like the reacting water too.
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  • @Enchiridion, the bug has been fixed! You can check it out now.

    @Sparrow thanks man!
  • New Promo Video for Jumpy Fish!
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  • I found a bug. If you switch off the Internet and then keep tapping fast on the coin multiplier ad box (to try to activate the ad and then remove the "failed to load" screen) you can make the gift countdown timer go faster.

    - I haven't received a daily challenge today (I upgraded to the latest version this afternoon).
    - You need to give the female fish a woman's voice or chuck the voices altogether.

    Also, I can't find four of the menu eggs and I have looked everywhere. I hope they're not attached to the login screen.

  • Oh. It's not a permanent bug because now it's not doing it.
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