2018 - My Year In GIFs (super image heavy; 100+MB)

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I worked on lots of cool things this year. I'm very thankful that Free Lives gave me lots of autonomy to work on projects I'd enjoy. I made a bunch of other things too (largely paintings and sculpts, and marketing material that's yet to be released), but I'm not posting anything that I worked on for less than 8 hours (or which, let's be honest, just didn't look very cool... XD).

The fx in the gif technically wasn't this year, but it's one of my favourite things that I worked on while at Epic Games, so I'm putting it in! :P
This was a jam game I worked on in Bali, with Robbie, Jay, Luc and Limpho. I had lots of fun on the art, but struggled with gameplay; I wanted to do better than just picking dialogue options. I loved the ambiance though.
Live2D animation
I wanted to experiment with rigging and animating illustrations. I love painting, and would like to find ways to make my paintings more interactive without adding an enormous amount of work.
I wanted to make an adrenaline-filled racing game about being chased by cops/gangsters. Jay did the audio and Marcelle did some of the art.
I worked on this at Pirate Jam, and was joined by Ruan, Deon and Marcelle. I literally just wanted to make stylised grass in the style of Studio Ghibli movies, and then see where the look-and-feel would take me. I was really proud of the jam version of this game, and worked on it a bit further, but struggled with direction and ultimately put it back on the shelf. I'd like to revisit it (or something like it) in the future.
Witch Ball
This was a one week jam where I wanted to practise doing pixel art. I just copied Rayman's Kung Foot to use as a vehicle for making lightning fx and dust swishes and stuff.
This was a jam game about playing with a laser pointer with your cat. I wanted to have the cat feeling pretty natural -- that it'd walk and run at the right times, look around, and pounce.
This was a hacking game, where I wanted the player to have to manage multiple things simultaneously while under pressure, in the style of "Hackers"-like TV trope fantasy.
I worked on some of the fx for the game, especially in terms of blood. Blood spatters on the arena, blood that dries over time, blood on the weapons, etc.
Super Half-Life
I... honestly don't remember who was on this team. I just wrote a clay-looking shader, and made some clay-looking fx, although that got messed up in the build because someone wanted them to be unlit.
Compute shaders
I was trying to learn to write compute shaders. It was really difficult, because documentation for them is pretty scarce, and some of the things that I thought would be correct based on my understanding and intuition... wasn't. :( I loved how it looked though, and it was quite popular on social media. It's some 16M compute shader verts being animated.
Illustrative rendering
I wanted to try and render things in a way that'd look like Josan Gonzalez's (Deathburger's) style. I made some small breakthroughs, but ultimately just found it really difficult. XD
Eco Warriors
I worked with Adoné, Evan, Filip, Jarred, Jason, Robbie on this. I mainly did fx and art, and a bit of UI.
Broforce Switch port
I got to work on this sweet little looping gif!
One of the gifs for this got a lot of love on Twitter, but I think it was because of gif compression-related reasons. I then spent a while trying to make the game feel like the gif. XD
Cliff Smashers
I spent a few days working on a dungeon/cliff-painting tool that Robbie asked for. (The occasional pink blocks are ones that are "missing", largely because they form blocks that make bad pathing, and aren't included in games like Starcraft 2.)

Also, I post most of my work on Instagram, Twitter or Mastodon these days, since a lot of the time they're smallish things that don't feel like they deserve an actual thread on MGSA. (But I've been re-thinking that; that maybe I should just post here anyway, especially in terms of my gameplay generally being weaker.)


  • Is the rift different in STW and BR? Or has the rift since been changed?
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    roguecode said:
    Is the rift different in STW and BR? Or has the rift since been changed?
    I have no idea. There were no rifts in BR back when I last worked on it, and I don't play Fortnite. There was some mixup with my account. (I had one under my Epic Games email address, but I lost that one when I left. The person who was helping me to transfer my stuff over didn't, and I didn't care enough to press them about it.)
  • wow great work! So much good stuff.
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