[SA Game Jam 2018] Obelisk

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Jam: SA Game Jam 2018
Name: Obelisk
Level of experience: Student
Members: @Grim @Sigh_Leeeee
48 Hours
Game: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zWUht24Cg8cGeaAsrjXSVL_8k3ZjtIWT/view?usp=sharing


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    So here we stand...with what is very much physical alchemy.
    You can Run!
    You can Jump!

    Embark on a journey to harness the power of nature and an ancient incarnation of a mysterious alien technology to plant really... shitty... floating... rocks!

    if anyone knows how to make gifs show up on a forum hit me up ='].

    Jokes aside we're about 10hrs in and we have basic gameplay elements sorted and interactions sorted so tomorrow we're going to work on the game feel, camera work, and fixing up the atmosphere of the game to better express the feeling we're trying to capture.

    Im busy with majority of the coding, while @Grim handles art assets

    Speaking of which



    we have regular breaks, correspondence meetings and shenanigans scheduled into the day so all in all Im having a pretty dope ass time.
  • Druids and ancient aliens eh? That just drips with mystery. I looked at the first image and thought the game will be board game like with the slots and items and got really excited. Then I looked at the animated gif and it seems like a platformer. Maybe it will be a combination if that is at all possible? :D The art style looks like it can pull you in, playfully. A jam is a very short time-frame to create anything, but it is very useful to derive a concept that can be expanded upon going forward as well. Cannot wait to see your concept. Good luck :)
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  • Delightful! It sounds like you're having such a fun time and I think you've got some good iterative workings from what I see. Can't wait to see what the floating rocks hold.

    Are you entering 48hr or 72hr competition?
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  • Entering for the 48hr Jam just by the by
  • Well done guys!
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  • Congrats on finishing dudes.

    I keep dissolving the other stuff in the level after i pick up the water, yay or nay?
  • Great stuff. I am impressed by what I see. I will try it out as as soon as I can. Rock on!
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  • @tasty_jose if you mean the brown blocks then that is intentional. Its supposed to be some light prefacing for the solution of future interactions, but yeah spent too much time designing and not enough time communicating. Im also pretty much convinced that game feel is some stream of black magic when i look over how many hours this thing took compared to the effects that came out.

    @kirsty_lee0 much love. bout to check your project as well

    @nandrew @konman sorry for the radio silence was a mad dash filled with some internet problems between two partners working remotely. Super proud of my mans working on the art style, especially when he's being using this year specifically to start along this journey. With regards to setting ourselves up for the future that was kind of the plan here. We tried to use this as a way of testing the depth of interactions while mainting their simplicity. Of course a lot of other things needed to happen, but a lot of the shroud seems to be disappearing. Thank you for the engagement, it definitely helps keep spirits high and sharpen the mind.

  • I really like what you got done in 48 hrs. It feels complete and well-curated (thanks for the readme, and additionally for the walkthrough -- happy to say I figured it out without using that but it's a really useful addition for a jam). Primary adjustment would have been going with a less "physics-ish" fiddly system: I think it was difficult to get that well-polished in 48 hours and the controls sometimes fought against me even when I'd solved the puzzle. I love that you've created a non-verbal narrative and I can see the framework for a very simple take on the comp's theme. Well done on your submission!
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  • I spent a little time playing this, and even though I read the readme it took my way longer than I'd like to admit to figure out how the obelisks worked. :P I kept wanting to "drop" it onto the obelisk. I did quite enjoy this one after I figured out what I was supposed to be doing.

    I especially enjoyed seeing the results of my actions. I feel the fact that it spanned multiple screens and "lured" me back to where I started was really well done. I enjoyed seeing the position I started in, but it being a completely different place.

    I feel like the movement speed of the character was a bit too high. It felt a little in conflict with the rest of the style to me. I enjoyed seeing the little drop wane away, and the grass slowly growing. Whenever I started moving though it felt like I was meant to be running away from something instead of calmly exploring what I was building.

    All in all I think this is a good entry. It made me feel like I wanted to explore the world and find out more about what these obelisks are and how they actually work. :)
  • Nice little game on recreating an environment.
    Though its not intuitive on what to do in the beginning, the readme did help.
    Character moves very fast as well, perhaps slowing the character down.

    I like the mechanics and the Obelisk artwork.
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  • I had a bit of trouble jumping on the log to get to the seeds, my character wouldn't jump high enough when moving against it (Might be a physics thing)
    It's a really great concept with the world changing as you play I just think that the movement needs to be reworked and there should maybe be a bit of in game guiding instead having a separate readme file for when you get stuck.

    Overall pretty solid for 24hrs :)
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  • Enjoyed this, interesting game :)

    Liked how you could "feel" the story without any text displayed. Felt a bit lost at the beginning but walkthrough got me started and the rest became more intuitive. Movement felt a bit strange, sometimes the character would move normally and then suddenly just speed up into a certain direction. The control scheme also felt strange, would rather have opted for arrow keys for movement. Also couldn't pick up seeds if they fell on the log.

    Some sound and even music would also have been nice :)

    Good work!
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  • Honestly i was feeling a bit cut up by this entry but having your honest criticism really helps me gain perspective on the whole thing in entirety. My heaviest take back from this will be not falling into the terminally repititve cyle of "this will be easy to fix". Although i got some base ideas down it would have been nice to get things more functionally sound and understandable. So sincerely thank you for indulging our entry and trying past its problems @SleepingSafari @Trian @megaguy32 @Rigormortis @Nandrew.
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  • Found the readme file after being a bit confused. You could also display the controls on the screen if you work on this further.

    I've wanted to make a game exactly like this for a while. I really like the feeling of growing increasingly more elaborate gardens. Of using my existing creations to grow new more exotic creations. I loved how pretty the end result was (with all the wheat and the mossy banks of flowers).

    It's also curious that you play as a robot in that. It adds a bit of pathos to the setting, as you start off in a desolate earth with no humans and you improve it from there. Makes it feel a bit lonely (like the scene with all the gardener robots in Laputa Castle In The Sky).

    Like you know, the controls are tricky. But I imagine you could have fixed a lot of that with another day's work (i.e. in a 72 hour entry).
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