Nine Noir Lives - classic point-and-click adventure game

Hey guys, I am super pleased to announce my new game, Nine Noir Lives. This is a point-and-click adventure game inspired by the great adventure games of old (but with talking cats!).

Welcome to Meow Meow Furrington
Capital city of cats, cartels...and crime. A city that will just as soon claw your eyes out as lick your face.

Explore the hangouts and high points of this feline furtopia. Discover characters both kooky and dangerous. Solve the mystery of a murder that threatens to spill into the city like an overturned saucer of milk and ignite a war between the powerful Montameeuw and Catulet families...

...and lick things. SO many things. Lick everything! Doors! Furniture! Books! Bars! Trains! Pavements! So many delicious and intriguing things to lick!

Oh, and definitely solve that murder, too. If there's time. After all the licking.

This is my first professional game and I'm simultaneously excited and nervous. I'd love feedback to hear what you think!

Visit the website here to learn more about the game, or join our mailing list or Discord

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Gameplay video coming soon!

Thanks guys!


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