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Hey All,

My name is Stefan Olivier, and I am currently studying a bachelor's degree in sound production at SAE Institute Cape Town. I am currently conducting research on the South African game development industry and its various demands and conditions concerning audio/music. The primary focus of my research is to identify job opportunities for local audio professionals with little to no experience in the games industry, and are looking to expand their trade into the games industry. Additionally, I aim to shed light onto the technical procedures, regarding sound design/music composition, that are typically found in a game development environment.

If you are currently an employee of a games development company in South Africa that is working in the sound or music department, then I would like to kindly ask 10 minutes of your time to complete this very short survey:

No sensitive information about you or your company will be discussed in the survey, and I assure you the utmost anonymity and confidentiality is guaranteed. None of your responses will be disclosed to any public platform or entity, and is purely intended to guide the conclusions of my research and for internal review of my assessors.

I thank you kindly for any and all of your cooperation!


  • Hi Stefan

    As someone who has worked on music and sound design for a few games now, and from my general experience with the game dev companies here in Cape Town, I only know of two companies that have or have had one full time sound/music person, let alone an entire audio department . The reality is that the industry here is still quite small (most companies are around 3 to 12 people max) and so sound is something that is outsourced on a job to job basis.

    You might find you have more success tailoring your questions to include options for freelancers that provide audio for games instead of just focussing on composers/sound designers in full-time positions.

    I could be wrong and perhaps there are more people in full-time roles than I realise, but these are just my own observations and experiences in the 2 years I've been around this forum/community :)
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  • Thanks so much for the advice Andrew! I do realize that the industry is radically small, and I have consequently considered that most audio based services are conducted on a freelance basis. I do have another survey that is appropriated for individuals with those sort of arrangements, however, in order to cover all aspects of the industry - I have posted this survey first, and I'll be posting the one that is more suited for freelancers next week.
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