Anyone up for just some fun development and meeting new people interested in game design?

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I am a 3d designer and a noob programmer. I was wondering if there are any people interested in making a game just for fun (at this point) to get some practice and team experience. And if things go well, maybe try out a project or 2 to publish. I can't promise anything in the lines of success but why not try it anyway, failure is nothing but a learning experience anyway.

We will be using Unity Game engine for this and any 3d modeling software, I personally use Blender.

I live in the Pretoria East area for anyone that would like to meet up eventually or something.

PM me if you are interested in this fun endeavor.

Hoping to meet like minded people and make friends along the way.

I will create a Discord Channel for us to join and talk there. I will give the details to people who are interested.
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