B: Everyone Hates the Blood God

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Latest HTML 5 Build

Mouse - Everything!
"R" - New game, new room.

The name is courtesy of the random game name generator.

So, I had a rather bad day so instead of working on my work stuff (which I will get to this weekend rather) I took some time to think about the things I wanted/needed to do/get finished. So, in the spirit of "I could actually focus on this and fit something within my current plans" I figured I would do some work for the competition.

So a lot of people know of (and have been bugging me) about my game False Eden (which kind of hit the backburner for University and doing dev for this site when that came around). This wont be False Eden, but I will be focussing on the combat system that I envisioned for False Eden (tired of typing that so "FE" will be used from now on :P ) and I will work on making it as cool and simple to use as I possibly can.

So for the people that have heard/seen the original thoughts I had, here is the new revised version:
- Combat would be out of world
- Everything will still be a hex grid
- Combat will still be turn based (however the final FE will have free moving within the world)
- Things like obstacles will be taken into account when targetting (which will take a bit of work to make feel right)
- The system should hopefully not be restrictive in a sense that you can have several equipment sets that you can swap between in combat (and you can do magic, etc)

This competition/challenge entry will be my attempt at building a REALLY AWESOME combat system that can translate directly into what I use for FE when I eventually get there.

Game Maker Studio (HTML 5)

Also, I will be working quite slowly on this as I am taking the time to do things properly so I can easily add weapons and skills and the likes thereof after the initial systems are in place (Which would make the "battle" mechanic much more polished and "finished" in general). So yeah, Im going for a system of mechanics that need to work together rather than just a mechanic and just polishing it (as I fee; the whole system will be needed for the mechanics to feel right),

- Base project and web location to get the ball rolling.

Old Done:

To do:
- Screenshots (will come with combat)


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    Oh COOL! :D Did you get the HTML web player license or did it come with GM Studio standard? I checked out the wiki but it didn't say.
    And remember to employ y-sorting of depth so that higher instances will stay behind lower instances :) Cool :)
  • Actually on my desktop I am still running the beta which didn't expire for some reason, and I have to contact their support to do another install because of windows reinstalls, so im using the beta for now which means I lack some of the newer cool features, but for now that is also ok.

    I have the studio licence that just does windows and mac.
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    So you're using an older beta version which has the web player export feature - but I wouldn't have the Web Player unless I bought the Web Player License, is that right?
  • I spent a large chunk of last night watching GMS download the same update over and over again. It was trying to go from v1.1.522 to v1.1.615, which was apparently so hard that, without moral support, it couldn't do it: Every time it would restart, it would be back to 1.1.522 and telling me there's totally an update to download.

    Checked the internets between stupid downloads and it turns out there was a change to their downloading system, which meant that the only way to get the thing to work right was to run the original installer exe for the whole package, which would then download the (now oft downloaded) patch again and apply it properly. That seemed to work, but the whole process took so much of my time that I didn't really get beyond a very simple prototype last night :(
  • @tuism yeah, though you could zip and send your project for doing html 5 builds and I could dropbox it for you?
  • Ok cool thanks, when I have something I need to web playerise I shall take up your offer :) thanks!

    And @dislekcia was this a change only from the very latest version? Cos I've been updating lately (after 1.1.522) and has been able to - as long as I don't use the auto updates. What I've learned to do was to drag the link (the big green heading) to a download manager (I use flashget) and the download would work - otherwise my downloads would almost always cut out without me knowing it, and it would look like it finished updating, but it wouldn't actually.
  • Is there an option to stay where I am on the Move Step? I currently always have to move to a new location before I can attack the same enemy
  • You can click on your current block to stay on it.

    I should put up an updated version, but only after Physics tomorrow.
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