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  • I think, in this community, when so much is wrong, that the idea that the person who's wrong can improve becomes a distant hope, noone bothers to say anything. Also, you will notice that often with these types of posts, the OP never sticks around.
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    @joshken: I don't understand why you have to go around necro-posting when you're contributing absolutely nothing with the post, except to be to put people down. With a reply like that, even if this person did return to take a look, they wouldn't stick around at all -- and they're actually putting effort into making something.

    Posting here shouldn't be about tooting your own horn and making yourself sound smart (especially when there's zero evidence that you've made any games at all). It should be about finding feedback for your own projects, or for helping to raise other people up. Please change your attitude.
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  • there's zero evidence that you've made any games at all
    @joshken: I don't understand why you... to put people down.

    It should be about... helping to raise other people up.


  • Yes, because giving 3 compliments totally justifies your being an asshole in other threads.
  • Yes, because giving 3 compliments totally justifies your being an asshole in other threads.
    Should i quote them all or can we end the argument now?
  • Ok, i admire the people on this forum so i won't be an ass.

    Let's not pretend that i wasn't right about what i said about the original poster.
    Should i have been nicer? Sure.

    That i've never made a game is an assumption, though.

    Also, there is no community on Earth without some form of conflict. Going forward, i am going to be a nicer person on this forum. It was not nice to hear that someone who's work i admire is saying i'm being passive aggressive. This community is awesome and it's trying to find it's feet.

    Let's all just make games and get along, lol.
  • @joshken You came onto the forums under a pseudonym without an introduction in the welcome thread, so we can only assume you haven't made a game? It also makes us doubt your intentions - what reason would you have to have a pseudonym and act in the way you have been? It comes across as trolling.
    Going forward, i am going to be a nicer person on this forum.
    I hope you follow through on that, or we won't hesitate to ban you, at first temporarily, and then permanently.
    This community [ ...] trying to find it's feet.
    You're totally right. It's existed for several years now and just exited a period of hostility and aggression. We won't let that sort of behavior run rampant again, so please do behave.
  • Do you only need to be on this forums only if you have made a game?
  • A thread about me, oh goodie!
    How do i always make an impact so effortlessly in any community i become a part of?


    @Bensonance I don't care about the welcome thread because i'm too cool for that, i needed my own thread because i'm a special snowflake with snowflake needs.

    I came in with a pseudonym for reasons i have explained to @EvanGreenwood already. I shall now quote myself:
    When you make games it's something like an open development process and that works for your brand and product development philosophy. I'm a private guy, since i understand the workings of Search Engine Optimization, i don't want my name to appear in this forum. Not that i'm ashamed of this forum, i'm glad to be part of this community and plan to contribute to our industry for the long term.

    However, i do not like to reveal the process. Outsiders should just see the end result.
    Not enough humour here. :)
    Am i sincere or not? I guess we'll never know.

    And it is with that, i have to say:

    I'm afraid that I am no longer able to accept the impact that this forum has on my personal life and happiness. As such, I have stepped down as acting forum admin.

    I have discussed this . I will not be accepting any nominations or running for the new committee, should the dissolution vote fail.

    I must apologise to the entire forum, you deserved a better admin. I apologise for making people feel unwelcome or unsupported. I apologise for my role in any arguments that caused discomfort and for anything that felt unheard. I apologise for failing in my mandate to produce a more positive, less combative forum that the organisation could be proud of. I must doubly apologise to the people contacting me to offer support and encouragement, if I were a better admin, you would have felt comfortable airing your voices in public.

    This forum and community has always been driven by participation, it is my hope that by removing the barrier that I represent to goodwill and positivity, more people will be able to participate in building solutions to the problems and grievances faced by all.

    It appears that the best thing I can do is to get out of the way. I am sorry for having been in it for years.

  • Am I correct in assuming @joshken = @dislekcia?
  • I very much doubt it. I think he's just quoting @dislekcia's post.
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  • joshken said:
    Let's all just make games and get along,
    Yeah. I think that's exactly what we should do.

    I don't think there's any need to continue this conversation. @JoshKen said he'd rather be nicer in future.

    I'm sorry if I fanned the flames myself. I know I came right out and stated my concerns with how that conversation (in the previous thread) had gone. I definitely didn't want to start an argument, or make anyone else feel unwelcome.

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    @SkinnyBoy Nope you don't have to have made a game to be on here. That was a response to @JoshKen's statement:
    That i've never made a game is an assumption, though.
    @Joshken you are welcome to interact with the forum in whatever postmodern manner you wish, but if those interactions are interpreted as hostile or passive aggressive by other members, then they won't be tolerated. The effect of postmodernism is only relevant in relation to the standard way of operating. If your irony and sarcasm comes across as passive aggressive then surely the interaction is pointless?

    I will close this thread now as the point of the discussion that was split from the original thread has reached a conclusion. You have made quite productive and encouraging contributions in some threads, but in others they have been hostile. Just merely discontinue this hostility. You have been warned twice now - I implore you to change your behaviour.

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