[SA Game Jam 2016] HaveRobotsEverSeenTheRain

SA Game Jam 2016
Level of experience: Hobbyist
72hr entry

Team: TinyOctopus

Team Members:
- SleepingBear
- RokoBasilisk
- Kalulu, most NB team member:

So you are a robot programmed by a boy to find his lost sister in a war torn world where robots battle humans. You can build a companion robot out of parts that you collect in the world to help you complete the quest. The game has multiple endings. Good luck.


End Result:
So unfortunately after building lighting for 30 minutes and packaging for another 5 our static assets in our world do not have colour for some reason. Oh well! Its part of the theme I suppose ;) This is quite frustrating as the world is supposed to look like this:

As mentioned below we learned a lot and look forward to the future South African game jams.
Maybe less beer next time around.

Not enough time to play test properly so there are a few in game logical errors as opposed to bugs. Game shouldn't crash but you might start with more items than you are supposed to :)
And the shaders of course...

Twitch stream (only RokoBasilisk streaming due to slow internet connections [excuse terrible frame rate]):

Beer count upon beginning game jam:
6 total
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  • Progress:
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    Game Description:
    A lonely robot finds itself on a desolate world, ravaged by the historical consequences of their human creators. He/she/it must carve his own path through this difficult time, and salvage what is left.

    i.e. Post apocalyptic robot craft rpg top down vibe.

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    Hope you had a pint of the bitter black 'ardy 'are me matey!!!

    All the best team!!!

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    Progress Update:

    Conceptually game has grown in depth. Currently still in prototyping phase and haven't started modeling characters or environment, so nothing to really show.

    Mechanics involve gathering and building helper robots from resources you find to help you work your way through the game as you please. Several over arching stories that will test your moral compass and ideas of what it means to be a live! A true expression of how you plan to live out the rest of your life in the rl.

    Beer count:
    (and one bloody mary)

    Edit, we have a cube that shoots lasers:
  • Progress Update:

    Finished with AI for different world characters.
    Finished with modelling main character.
    Finished with mechanics for robot building.
    50% completed with inventory and crafting system (bane of our existence).

    Main character:

    Beer count:
    18... I think...
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    Progress Update:

    Character modelling is almost complete:

    Most of the AI that governs non linear movement and interactions of NPCs is completed after some real headaches, below is a simple behavior tree of a roaming robot:

    Things left to do, some environmental modelling, level creation, and most NB of all PLAY TEST PLAY TEST PLAY TEST (among other things).
    Fingers crossed we have enough time, and hopefully our posts will be more interesting as we start fitting all the pieces together.

    Beer count:
    Early 20's... not 100% sure at this point.
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  • Another quick sneak peak:
    Robot in a blizzard.

    Spent some of this evening refining our particle emitters for the weather, which ties into the theme of the game.
    Quite far with modelling environmental assets and working out player controller possession mechanics of AI and character players allowing the user to switch between.

    Also worked on robot modification system.

    Ate pizza.
    Drank beer.

    Level design starts tomorrow.

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  • I love the design for your main character! Really excited to play this.
  • Still uploading but should be done soon, sorry for slow internet :( please dont disqualify us :)
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    Upload complete, in the rush to upload we forgot to zip the file, dummies... sorry.
    We over scoped, no time to build lighting and shaders on main map.

    We enabled starting items to make it easier as we never managed to finish 100% so we at least wanted people to play with the mechanics that we did implement.

    Happy exploring our ludicrously sized open world. You will need the below world map:

  • Some screenshots:



    Following on from the above post we learned a hell of a lot. We used this game jam to learn some new elements of game creation such as AI programming and crafting systems. We will probably polish up what we have, and get it to a level that we are happy with, and maybe upload to this thread as a "as we envisioned" entry.

    We ran into some real packaging issues at the end, and had to spend the majority of the afternoon troubleshooting packaging errors instead of polishing. We definitely over scoped though :)

    This was an awesome game jam and its really great to be part of a South African game jam and we look forward to more in the future!
  • Wow, so gorgeous! Well done :D
  • Wow, we just realised we have till midnight! We will continue to work and submit till then
  • Very very beautiful game, and I like where the story was going. I struggled immensely with the controls though :(
  • We fixing that now :)
  • This looks awesome! But the world is so large it takes ages to find anything and I didn't get further than putting wheels on the TV robot (and finding some rockets and batteries and a light bulb).
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