Timandmoor - music and sounds for awesome games!

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Timandmoor is a team of passionate sound-addicted professionals from Moscow.

Currently we are expanding our portfolio and can offer free soundtracks for interesting and catchy games.

We do our best to add some sonic magic to your games. All soundtracks are carefully polished to perfectly fit the atmosphere of the screen action.

We use modern music software and libraries as well as huge variety of live instruments to get the high quality sound. All tracks are mixed in a professionally equipped studio.

You can listen to the samples and contact us at http://timandmoor.com
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  • Hi Timandmoor!
    Welcome to the forum!
    Some cool pieces in your demo. Im curious what VSTs you are using for your orchestral productions. EWQL/LA Scoring/Vienna?
  • - EWQL
    - Omnisphere
    - Lots of NI stuff
    - Some other
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    This is very cool! Your samples are amazing!

    I'll send you a message through your site! :)
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