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Hi All

I would like offer the community an opportunity to assist a growing development movement.

This is non profit however it’s a fun community project, if your familiar with DayZ (Arma mod) then this may be something you will be interested in.

We currently have a community page and some dedicated server resources in S.A and UK, we have some developer experience and have already started to gain momentum, we have recieved great community feedback from the Arma 3 mod we are currently developing, it’s a RPG mod called Lifemod.

We have people purchasing our mod however all money made is considered “Donations” as it pays for the dedicated resources!

Please feel free to help us, we are looking for people who can create scripts, you should have basic understanding of creating scripts, and implementing them in-game.

- Modelers should be able to know how to model objects, and get them in Oxygen 2
- Oxygen 2 Engineers should know how to use Oxygen 2, by setting up the proxies. Textures. ETC…
- Object Configuration team must know how to set up Config files for the object.
- The supervisory position for models, must know how to get the object ingame, as well as edit the config file to fix any errors
- The supervisory position for models, must know how to get the scripts fully functioning, and working without any errors, or delay

If you’re interested please feel free to checkout our community page:
Please feel free to fill out the developer applications on our forums:

If you have teamspeak please feel free to join us on our TeamSpeak server:

We hope to gain some more traction on this project and seeing more community orientated development movements, we really appreciate it if you have taken the time to read this, we look forward to seeing you join our community!
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