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I am a nice all-rounder to have on your team, from design to development. I am looking for a job at a company with a nice atmosphere and interesting projects, especially near Cape Town.

PS: CV website feedback appreciated, I would like to improve it.


  • If you're looking to move, you should probably put that on your CV ("willing to relocate" is the usual term). The CV itself is cool, but I was expecting more than just one example per category in Selected Works. Have you been applying to jobs on this forum at all?
  • It might be worth having a little more explanation of the shots you have for "game development". It looks pretty, but I don't know what it actually does/is supposed to do. Did you work on that project alone, or in a team?

    Also, as a general question, I've seen these CVs with bar graphs with percentages of proficiency at various tasks. How is this being measured? Years experience? Degrees acquired? A random number that just looked about right (understanding that every single person believes they're above average)?
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    One way to vividly paint a picture of your skills in the mind of a potential employer is to make a list projects; for each, specify: which technologies you used, what your responsibilities were for that project, and something cool, but quite specific, you did / solved / had to figure out / learned. It's important to be specific: "pharmaceutical app" is not very exciting (simply because it's vague), but an "app to manage inventories of critical medicines at hospitals", or an "app that tries to classify medicine based on an image" interests people that are looking for skills related to building such apps. (Some programmers sometimes worry that being too specific narrows down possibilities; I think most people hiring programmers realise programmers' breadth extend beyond their specific experience.)
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  • Well as a person who has been working for a company that does not allow me to post specifics about the projects, I am a little low on projects I can really talk about. But maybe I can add a few more details, thanks hermantulleken and dislekcia.

    I think there are a couple of examples in each category, unless something went wrong?

    The bar graphs are a thumb suck based on my assessment of my own skills. So I intended it to be read in relation to each other - i.e. my Java skills are better than my PHP skills.

    I will try to incorporate all the cool suggestions, thanks!

  • The bar graphs are a thumb suck based on my assessment of my own skills. So I intended it to be read in relation to each other - i.e. my Java skills are better than my PHP skills.
    Fair point, and it certainly gets that info across quickly :)

  • The CV itself looks great! Nice and clean, good hierarchy.

    The selected works is quite frustrating, I think. I'm forced to have to click again, and again, and again, even just to get an idea of the kind of things you've worked on. I feel that a solid portfolio, a solid CV, can let me know what kind of skill- and experience-level person I'm looking at at a glance.
  • Pretty :)

    Yeah web design has gone back to the 90s where it's easier to get people to scroll down more than it is to click, select, click, etc. So try to get your (key) projects on the same page and let people scroll.

    But it's super pretty, cool html skillzorz :)
  • Thanks, then I will have to look at other portfolio designs. The worry to me is that I don't yet have a significant body of work, and a lot of it is in an NDA. And because I don't focus on just design, so a lot of the stuff I've done exists only in code. I will mull it over to try and find a better solution.

    I've added some more info in some of the sections, thanks for all the suggestions!
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