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Hi there! It has always been my dream to become a concept artist for movies and games- and such
I came upon this website and thought id just through it out there :P
I have work for 2 year as a Graphic Designer and Print operator - And studied a Honers Degree in Design - But alas - I'm more of an illustrator at heart
So now I'm trying to get hold of Game developers who needs concept artist :3

Feel free to check out some of my newer and older work @

(I studied for 4 years, then worked for 2 - so I'm only getting some free time now to work on new stuff)

I'm also happy to do some samples to those who have something specific in mind :)

If anyone is interested please email me @
I'm super duper excited :D


  • thank you! Those were done in boredom :) i was pleased with the result myself :D
  • Guild Wars Fan I assume? ;)
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    Just as a heads up: Concept art on its own isn't really super useful for the sorts of small teams that are proving successful in SA. I'm not saying this to discourage you, more to provide insight into what the industry needs and how you might be able to make your dream a reality.

    I run a game company. Having concept art, no matter how great it is, doesn't help me make games all that much because I still need other artists to turn those concepts into 3D models, animated spritesheets or whatever actual content the game requires. If you want to get into game art, be aware that concept art isn't going to be a large part of what you spend your time doing.

    I hope you stick around and come to grips with the sort of crazy technical/iterative creative soup that game art emerges out of because I really love your work. PUG and Fox Stag Bear and Bat Eared Fox are amazing. I want to see those move!
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  • Yup yup! very aware of it! I either have to go study the programs at a College - or learn them from home or from the people who know them.

    I am not currently able to use those programs But i can learn like a BOSS, Like i mentioned - after doing all that work for so long - I have been sat back 6 years of my life - That's a lot of years! I have to start somewhere. What does a person like me - need to learn to work for a person like you? So i can do it :D

    I have a lot of things to face - and a lot of things to learn - but I also need direction :)

    (Not that I am comparing him to me - But i did a Thesis on - How the art of Ralph Mcquarrie changed the Movie industries thoughts about Star Wars - Which at first was rejected - Because he made the movies come to life with his concept art (just my inspiration :P)
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    There's probably a lot of ways to get into working on games in South Africa from your position.

    I'd think the biggest hurdle you are facing is that your portfolio doesn't have any games in it, or subject matter that looks like it would fit into a game. And so even though you can create beautiful images of animals, a prospective employer/collaborator might find it hard to envision how you'll fit into the team.

    My suggestions (that might be shit suggestions, I'm not a successful game artist):

    1) Create more portfolio images that are NOT of animals and furries. You've got very few images of humanoids where the whole body is shown, and quite a lot of games are about humanoids. Also do some drawings of plants, landscapes, vehicles, urban environments, different period costumes, different human activities etc... I'm not saying draw things you find boring, but I am saying that having practice at drawing things other than animals and furries is probably important (no employer wants you learning everything on the job).

    2) Offer to skin some games by unartistic programmers. Look what @Pomb did here: ...He's both helping @Edg3 make Sokobomber cooler, as well as gaining skills in illustrating for tile-based games for himself. @Pomb is a winner.

    3) Come to game jams and participate. There is the Global Game Jam pretty soon. Actually joining a team and figuring out how your skillset can be applied to improving games is super useful experience. This is certainly the most important point. Take every opportunity you can to try and actually make games (even if you stumble at the start).
  • Dude! awesome advice! And i am very much working on it - like i mentioned - only have time now T_T
    Thank you for your time - drawing drawing drawing for me!
  • Yup, 2 and 3. So much of those.
  • Yes, @dislekcia and @BlackShipsFilltheSky speak the truth, also take a look at I posted Paul Richards is king, when it comes to getting you to think like a concept artist.

    hope this helps :P
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