E: Time is of the essence

First...I'm so sorry for how badly implemented this is. But I wanted to test the concept and couldn't be bothered by things like predictable gun handling and physics. :P

So after playing the other games on the forum for the comp I had an idea that I thought would be interesting.

Basic premise is to grab the big green orb without time running out. I don't want to explain too much as I want some "unspoiled" reactions to see if the basic idea seems interesting enough.

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  • @Rigormortis - If this is badly implemented, you must shudder when you load up one of my games. Anyway, I thought the idea is interesting, however the green orb's path (love the flash movement trail by the way) was a bit too predictable. Essentially you could just wait for him on the outskirts of the stage. See what you meant with the Time penalty instead of health in the traditional sense.
  • I'm so confused.

    Sorry I have no idea what was going on. Something ran into me and I won :) the idea sounds like touchers when I was 5 years old :D
  • Protip for FPSs in Unity:

    Screen.lockCursor = true;

    That locks the cursor to the screen centre, making life much less confusing :P.

    In other news, your juicing skills are getting insane :D. That red flash on the Ammo timer is really effective for conveying that shooting results in time loss :).
  • Sooooo... Basically, there's time, and you want to avoid the red stuff and reach the green stuff?

    At least the goals are pretty clear after a minute :) Red = bad, green = good.

    I basically just stood where I knew the green dude would be and won the game :P
  • @FanieG, I don't shudder. :P The reason I'm saying it's badly implemented is because there are blatant issues that I know about that I'm just not willing to fix at this stage. :) (Like being able to wait on the outskirts.) When we discussed it in your game this is not exactly what I had in mind for the time penalty, but in the end it would essentially boil down to the same thing. I'd just not communicate it the same way because of the theme of your game.

    @RickyGC, I'm sorry. :P It is a bit confusing. I didn't take the time to properly think about how to tell the player what to do, I just wanted to test the time as a resource mechanic.

    @Bensonance... O.O I actually have that...I don't know why it's not working. But I wasn't feeling like sorting it out yesterday. But thanks for the tip :) Thanks for the compliment. If nothing else, I'm really happy with how the HUD turned out. I think it's fairly effective at conveying the time a resource mechanic.

    @Tuism, basically yeah. There are a lot that I'd need to change to find the fun in this, but I wanted to specifically test the time as resource.

    Thanks for playing everyone. :)
  • The time as a resource thing is quite literal, I think depending on where you take this, it could work on the same mechanic with a different theme - for example you're a blob, and you're always losing mass (leaving blobby bits behind you as you walk), shooting looses mass too, etc :)

    Could be a burning effigy, or aquaman, or a squid, or a katamari... whatever :)
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