[Event] Physical and Street Game Jam at Wits Digital Arts, Joburg

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Hi all!

I'm happy to announce we're hosting a Physical and Street game jam at Wits this weekend, the 10th and 11th. (Board games are welcome too!)

We'll be hosting it at the Wits Digital Arts Department - I'll try find some directions if you need them. As per last time, you'll have all manner of game bits to prototype with and plenty others to play test with.

We'll start at 9 on the Saturday and Sunday and end around 2PM on the Sunday. We're unlikely to have a theme at this point, but if you think of a good one, suggest it below!

This jam is happening to produce Street and Physical games to submit to A MAZE Johannesburg 2013, as some more are desired to be at the festival!

Hope to see you all there!

Question away...
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    Aww yiss, I loved the last board game jam, it was one of my favourites ever, totally looking forward to it... I should be able to make it, but damn what's with the short notice? :)

    Same place as last time right?

    As for a theme... I've got something I already have in mind (and in fact already have an untested proto of) (uh-oh sounds like last time)... Lemme take a stab...

    Mutating games you know (maybe too limited)
    No need for colour (playable by the colourblind) (cos I know a colourblind friend) (he's a designer, funny enough)
    Moving bits

    OK I'm out :)

    Would there be printer access? A guillotine?
  • Here's the Map :)
    digital arts map.JPG
    889 x 676 - 125K
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    Sorry about the late notice - that's my indecision's fault -_- .

    Yeah same place!

    We won't have printer access or a guillotine :(. We do have craft knifes and so forth, though :). We're encouraging Street Games, though - so hopefully you won't need to cut stuff up :D.
  • Very short notice but I'll try to be there for a bit.

    Will there be chalk?
  • I'll get some for you :)
    What else do you need me to pillage?

    Don't have's:

    Do have's:
    Wipe off boards - yes
    Counters - very many
    Dice - many
    Whiteboard markers

    Will get's:

    What else?

  • Chess pieces and board? :)
    Cellotape and double-sided tape? (guess we can always bring our own)
    Rope, cloth, twister (??) (seeing as you're gunning for street games)
    Foam swords? Pool noodles? (ok again, bring our own if we want :P)

    Can't think of anything else :)
  • This sounds like it's going to be so much fun! I'm sad I can't be there...
  • Very excited about this. Awesome opportunity to do something different... and potentially get a tan.
  • @TasticLuc, what is this "tan" you mention?
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  • Chess pieces and board? - got them
    Cellotape and double-sided tape? - got some
    Rope, cloth, twister (??) (seeing as you're gunning for street games) - um... about that....
    Foam swords? Pool noodles? - I am NOT sacrificing my daughter's foam swords for the cause! :P
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    Had a fantastic day at the Saturday Physical Game Dev Jam. I introduced everyone to Ninja and then invented 2 games: Battlefield and The Blind Leading the Blind

    Here's people playing Ninja

    Here's @Bensonance flying like a plane in Battlefield

    [i]And @Tuism pretending to be a tank while being chased by a boat


    I unfortunately don't have any phots of The Blind Leading the Blind but hopefully someone else will upload them.
  • Can we get the rules for Battlefield? I've got some scouts I'd like to test it out on ;)
  • I will post rules for Battlefield and The Blind Leading the Blind. The second game is definitely one I want to share and will be showing off at AMaze
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    Had lots of fun :) the running around was pretty hardcore. 5 year olds are hardcore man! Ninja is superfun! Battlefield is really cool, cute and extensible. So much running though :)

    And yay I got to test my bluffy chess variant, and thanks to everyone (who actually knows how to play Chess well) who tested and contributed - improvements *MADE* :D Especially +1 to @Rigormortis :)

    Edit: I put Magess ruleset up as a prototype :)

  • Aw man.. this looks like it was a blast :/
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