GOG Launches New Indie Submissions Portal : News on escapistmagazine

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This looks promising.


The big difference for me is its aimed directly at indies. There is the possibility of project funding (however remote).


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    Thanks Travis!

    The portal is up now:


    Here's the video for anyone only mildly curious:

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  • omg, I must be REALLY old to the party, but I just signed up on GOG and discovered that they gave me Tyrian 2000 for free XD

    *squuuuuueeeeeee* I loved that game XD
  • I have more games from GOG then steam. Although predominately because i LOVE so many old games.

    We submitted Toxic Bunny to them last year it was rejected as they felt it didn't appeal to there primary user base. Not sure if this new portal changes all that. We will be submitting it again against the new portal will see how its responded to.
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    This is very interesting news, and news that I'm glad to read. I'm rather a fan of GOG, and do hope to have something of mine distributed on the service at some stage. ^_^

    [edit] Not to mention the broader boon to indie game developers and indie games in general! ^^;
  • Very promising indeed.
  • It's the royalty advance stuff that seems the most interesting...
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