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@Rigormortis was asking about this, seems like a cool thing to share:

Cubeecraft has these awesome papercraft characters for just about ANY CHARACTER YOU CAN THINK OF.

image image image

Then I saw this guy who made papercraft of FFVII characters, amazing :)

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  • Just a heads up those are 3D printed models and not papercraft, but there AWESOME! I want a chocobo :D
  • OMG that is amazing! I want a chocobo too!

    Btw have you guys seen Project Pheonix on kickstarter? Nubuo Uematsu and a whole bunch of devs are making an old-school love letter to JRPG's.
  • This is now a FF thread! Phoenix looks sweet! I am quite excited.

    If those had been FFVII papercraft dudes it would have made me so happy! more so than usual. The angles are a feature due to the low-poly-ness of the game...

    Anyone else interested in papercraft should check out this sfw (mostly. more than usual) 4chan link. Seriously, it goes to the Papercraft & Origami board.
  • ... I keep not seeing any chocobos in the FFVII models. Am I blind? Are you guys suggesting that one be made?
  • I don't know about the others or the Kotaku article, but there appears to be a chocobo in the pictures that accompany the Escapist article.
  • @creative630 Project Phoenix looks awesome!
  • Last thing I did on my recent holiday was watch a live concert of music from FF. Nobuo Uematsu was in the audience and came on stage afterwards during the applause, and then proceeded to cause nonsense running all over the stage, then he sang in the choir for the encore. Seems like a crazy dude, also nice to see that he knows how to have fun!
  • Here's a better picture, or at least of more of the cast, including Chocobo :)

  • @TheFuntastic That sounds awesome! I am a huge fan of Nubuo and the other guys involved in The Black Mages/Final Fantasy music.

    @Tuism That chocobo looks so rad. Now to find papercraft instructions or a 3D printer... hmmm.
  • Project Phoenix looks awesome, sounds awesome, and if it's a "modernised FFVI" then I'm all in... But as it is I can't see a jot of what the gameplay is supposed to be like, and can't tell what the heck they're trying to do...

    Cos I played FFVI on my PS3, even paid for it. And couldn't stomach it for more than 20 minutes, despite REALLY REALLY REALLY loving the crap out of it. The clunky mechanics simply couldn't keep up with my new gamer sensibilities (random encounters?! 2 pixel/minute walking speed??! Unskippable and forever long text-based dialogue!!!??)

    And damn yeah dat Chocobo. Too good :D
  • @Tuism Yeah, thats why I haven't bought FFVI on PSN. ZSNES has a great fast forward feature that comes in handy when grinding or during frustrating sections :P. I really hope that they release some more info about what the game will be like soon.

    I really like the idea of a JRPG that uses mechanics that Defenders Quest has, where you can choose the overall reward and experience amount per battle (grind less if you don't want to). Like if you choose to play on easy you don't need to grind as hard but its harder to get awesome weapons, where hard mode would need to grind but weapons/powers are slightly easier to get (or something like that).
  • EXACTLY for the fast forward. My shift button was my best friend in FFVI >_< I wish I thought of that before I bought FFVI on PSN XD But nostalgia took over and I just had to.... sadface :P

    Oooh that sounds like a cool system, easier for less awesome, harder for more awesome, which is self-balancing I guess. Cool :D
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