"8-bit Fit Challenge" Spoonflower contest winners: 8-bit inspired custom textiles!

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I LOVE custom textiles. And I LOVE 8bit graphics. Combine the two and... voile-a (I'm so happy I got to make that pun).

Check out the winners here: http://www.spoonflower.com/contests/206

Spoonflower is full of gems! They're expensive but then, you're paying for something awesome and totally unique. I don't even really know much about sewing but with this, I'd be happy to learn! Anyone feel like ordering pencil bags? At least I know how to make those.

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  • Whoa, these are really cool!

    Passed this on to a few other people who mess with fabric and like game art, thanks :)
  • No probs :) Seeing this got me searching for local fabric printers. Itching to produce something fun like this.
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