[Event] JHB Community Night - 13 August 2013


  • @aodendaal

    We could put it after the open floor? So once we're done we could all move outside to test it?

    That OK?
  • Looking forward to tonight guys. I have some pretty cool stuff to show. :D
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    Looking forward to tonight guys. I have some pretty cool stuff to show. :D
    Oh gosh.


    When I saw your name as the last post in this thread, I was worried you were going to say something had come up and that you couldn't make it.


    @ProjectX: Maybe Ed could help? afaik he comes through from Centurion.
  • He's working close to the meet tonight.
  • Awesome night guys!
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  • Yeah, enjoyed it. Thanks for organising such a great resource.
  • Thank you all, really enjoyed the evening.

    Thought I'll signup and post some links for those interested. I spoke about the web engine stuff and the maker space.
    So the tests: WASD and mouse control, view the source to see how it is done. Also.. http://threejs.org/

    The centurion maker space site is here http://fluentart.com/ let me know if anyone is interested in making stuff. I can help those who wanted to make 3d printers/cnc or things that move. Oh and.. if you are interested in robotics/electronics but dont know, get an arduino from somewhere like this http://robotics.org.za/ or http://openhardware.co.za/. I know thats a lot of links :) See you guys next time hopefully.
  • Hey! Thanks everyone for another fantastic awesome night! :D

    @rouan dude your stuff is INCREDIBLE, expect me to be visiting fluentart sometime!!! :D

    @Chris_Bischoff dude your stuff doesn't disappoint, it's mad how much you got there :)

    @JohanNagel your Vietnam65 is A MILLION TIMES BETTER with you telling it than going to the site, what a passion project, I hope we can help you make it better/make it come true! :D (sorry I'm no pro dev, struggling with learning to do my own stuff)

    @everyone Thanks so much for checking out my game (Skydrops Arena, still tentatively titled... I really haven't made up my mind yet still >_<), so much awesome valuable input, lots to think about, process and implement! Thanks thanks thanks everyone :D
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  • Awesome stuff guys, and most of you missed out on a fun game of Blind leading the Blind. Surprisingly good fun!
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  • The livetweets were rad, BTW. Will there still be video posted of the talks, or are us exiles doomed to ignorance? :P
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  • Thanks for an extremely awesome evening everyone! Thanks to everyone for giving me suggestions and comments on the stuff for Clash.

    @rouan, welcome to the forums :) You can expect a visit from me as well at the workshop.

    @Gazza_N, we do have a complete recording of the night. In time it will all be uploaded for your viewing pleasure. :)
  • @Tuism thanks man-and I gotta say Skydrops looks awesome!
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  • @Rigormortis: Eeeeeeeeexcellent. Much appreciated. :3
  • Erm btw @Chris_Bischoff if you need .. [clears throat] "testers" pick me :) stasis looks great. Would love to get a feel for the game play.
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  • @tbulford Ill keep you in mind.. :D Who is you artist on Muti? The 2D stuff is freaking AWESOME.
  • Who is you artist on Muti?
    Muti? 10MD? What?
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    Paul Loubster's their lead artist, afaik. :)

    This! Things are on the up and up for game dev in SA :D
  • Things are on the up and up for game dev in SA :D
    Indeed :)

    @tbulford Muti looks awesome BTW, love the African setting and feel!


    Thanks for all the awesome feedback. You gave us a lot of ideas and we look forward to make some of those happen!


    Our grids video, if you have not seen it:

  • Oh, regarding the grids vid:

    For the video, I felt the transition between examples (where all the hexagons flip over) was really cool, but took very long, and seeing it again and again started to feel tedious.

    I started watching thinking that the type of game I could make using that was really limited, but seeing some of those examples showed me how there are still infinite examples of using it; how I could take just about any game idea I had that was in a continuous 2D space (most games I usually want to make), and just "discretize" it.

    And $99 apparently sells a lot better than $100, for reasons I'm sure we could thumb-suck.
  • @everyone thanks for last night. It was awesome to see all the passion going into making some really cool games.

    Thanks for the great feedback on Grids, we did mention it last night, but to the rest of the guys - if anyone is keen on trying out Grids, we'll be glad to send you a copy. We are amped to see what people can come up with! Just send us an email (jonathan@gamelogic.co.za or herman@gamelogic.co.za) or a PM and we'll send it through.

    We've put a few of the examples up on the website (http://gamelogic.co.za/grids/) and as Herman mentioned there is some cool stuff getting onto our blog (http://gamelogic.co.za/blog/).

    Already looking forward to next month :)

    @Elyaradine thanks for the feedback, I agree that the transitions could be a little quicker, it's something we'll look at for the next version. We definitely want to use the examples to show people what's possible with the plugin, and to get people thinking in different ways.
  • @Chris_Bischoff Muti's art is done by Paul Loubsure.

    @hermantulleken thanks the project is on hold right this moment but we expect to pick it up again this year. For the interim we focused on smaller projects.

    @Tuism 10MD is not Muti 10MD is a smaller game we building Muti is on hold/go slow until we have a budget.
  • So while everyone is still pretty amped from the meetup I would like to get some feedback. How did the name tags work out for everyone? Did it feel like a good(ish) way to handle introductions? Are there any other suggestions someone would like to offer?
  • Good question! To be honest I don't know if I looked at the nametags at all, maybe it's just cos I've been around too long. I wonder how the newer guys engaged with the nametags...

    (that's not to say I've memorised everyone's names...)
  • I like the nametag idea - especially associating names with forum nicks and faces helped me a lot.

    I would hesitantly suggest a break halfway through - we were sitting for nearly 4 hours straight. Maybe just a little time to grab coffee or some such.

    Also - be careful coming out of Microsoft onto the main road at 10pm. Some asshole thought that since the offices are closed, he didnt have to stop or even slow down for the red robot.
  • The nametags really helped me as well.

    And yeah-A mid 15 minute break would be awesome!
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