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Hi All

I'm quite new to the forum and wanted to say that I'm very pleased to have found a space where others are talking about gaming.

I am not a gaming programmer, but rather a lover for playing games, Titan Quest, Borderlands, Far Cry, Diablo, and the list goes on. I too take part in beta testing online games.

Besides the gaming, I too have made a couple of board games (home made at this stage) but it is getting to the stage where I'd like to start a 'board game journey'. So if anything, I suppose my journey starts here.

I very much will be asking for your assistance and I look forward towards a new start.

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  • Heya! Welcome!

    We've also got a board gaming component to our game making here, a while ago we had a board game jam (event thread: http://www.makegamessa.com/discussion/419/event-boardgame-jam-at-wits/p1) at which I made a Rogue-Like Card Game (http://www.thesteventu.com/my-rouge-like-card-game-wits-board-game-jam/) and many others were made (can't find the thread now...)

    So yeah you're definitely welcome to jam some board games with us too! :)
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  • Welcome to the forums! Post some pics of the boardgames you've made; we'd like to see them. Any chance you can upload the rules?
  • @Tuism thank you, did you and the guys cut all of those cards?
    I'm going to have to find a game card maker/printer :-)

    @aodendaal, the rules aren't complete as yet. I am hoping to design the boardgames using wood and from there complete the rules based on the end product.

    I'll consider posting pictures whilst in the 'making of' :-)
  • I cut all the cards out on a guillotine, it wasn't pretty but it was good enough for a prototype :) And then drew on them with pencil :) It's prototype! If I have somewhat more polished prototype I go to the local Jetline, print on 300g cardboard and just cut it out with a craft blade. There's no point in making special stuff for prototyping - the point is to just be playable as quickly as possible :)
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