Free Parley 1.1.1 for all South African Game Developers.

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Hey Guys

So as some of you know we did a small showcase on Parley at last nights Community evening. We first of all want to thank those of you that were there for your support and enthusiasm last night. We loved sharing this tool with you and hearing all of your feedback.

as you know by now Parley is "a professional Quest and Dialog editor for games developers. Built with copy writers in mind. It uses a simple way of integrating quest and dialog events. Leaving you to writing dialog and build your Unity game." You can take a look at all of the features of this tool on our website

So last night we chatted about two things. The first of which is that we have been working with Leslie young who has now finished the plugin to integrate Parley and UniRPG. We are really excited about being able to connect with our developers and game makers in South Africa.

The second thing we chatted about last night is the fact that we are giving Parley to all South African developers for free. If you []email us[/email] we will send you a full free version. We would love to hear any feedback you have once you have used the tool.

Once again thanks for last night guys :)

3264 x 2448 - 1M
1754 x 1240 - 368K


  • Two quick questions:

    1. Is this localisation friendly?

    2. How are you storing your text in-game? If you're using key-pair dictionaries (which tend to get used for localisation) then large dictionaries currently have problems where they crash Unity's heap management pretty hard in the web player (this might happen outside the web player too, but for larger dictionaries). I have no idea if this is fixed in Unity 4 though - support said it was, but they didn't seem to understand our problem in the first place.

    Both of those are big opportunities for problems that devs can easily run into, meaning that positioning your plugin as something that solves those issues is a potentially a good idea :)
  • To be honest, I'm super keen on using this, as I've been thinking about implementing single player "quest mode" for my stuff... But the question is Game Maker compatibility... Any hope? :P
  • @dislekcia the quest and dialogs are stored in formatted text files. We considered a binary format but the fact is since its predominantly text it seamed unnecessary. If we change it to a binary format it would still be referenced as a Unity "text" file with the extension bytes. Its only unity 4 since the active Unity developers out there with <4 is about 3% according to the last information we have form Unity. (Also its still for us so we really not focused on 3)

    Localization is actually planned down the road (dataset* required for it). I have been looking at various large BSP solutions currently working on the expectations of 500k records with no more then 10ms look up time. (That's what I want not what I might end up with) This was largely due to the issues I recall you having with the large trees (benefiting from your experience there ;) ).

    @tuism dare I say lets build a gamemaker version together? :) Issue would be from my side I have zero experience with gamemaker (head hung in shame) but its certainly a good integration destination for Parley. The scripts in Parley are straight forward and I expect fairly easy to port to other platforms. I will download gamemaker this weekend and do some tutorials. That said I always feel that until you build an actual project you can't be sure you nailed the issues. There are others in the community asking for a different integration too. So I will be putting a download together for non unity users to pick up and look at.

    * DataSets are not exactly like databases but will have a few themes in common. I don't want to get into too many details since I am still designing fixing and fighting with the concepts here. They planned next since we need them in one of our current projects. All future version will remain free to South African devs
  • @tuism afterthought is it for battle blocks? I like battle blocks.
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  • Thanks @tbulford :D Yeah I'm thinking of single player levels (even co-op!?) for Battle Blocks (working title) (emphasising working title because Battle Blocks Theatre is already a thing and there's an obscure game on the Appstore called Battle Blocks XD)...

    But that is of course a consideration I'll have more of after I nail down the basics, so I don't idea/scope-creep myself into oblivion. Any questy dialogue bits I'll need will probably be very rudimentary, so just a system to keep my dialogue out of code would be great (which is what I imagine the tool's original intent was anyway).

    And yeah I'd gladly help in whatever I can to get a gamemaker version working, but to be honest my dev experience is very very poor. Julian just blew my head clean off by using pie and cosine and angles. So again, I'll help as I can, but I've no actual integration experience :) (I only know that game maker takes dlls... Or something...)
  • @tuism well a game maker version would be great so I wont mind doing some xtra leg work on it. At least the basic quickly. I should point out we manage in game menus via Parley everything. Menu option calls code etc. I will check out the GM options and let you know the prognosis. Would rather do in in a live project then just solo and not sure I will be building anything in GM any time soon.
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    If you're inputing text into this system then built in different source texts for different languages would be a nice convenience.
  • @blackshipsfillthesky the idea is to build in one language other dictionaries are available. Then export to csv for translation. Those csvs will be imported back in against the new language. This will make translation services easy to use without needing Parley for the translators. The files will be seperated by act and scene to make it more bite sized. Well thats all the plan for now. Think been able to see and work in the different languages might also be usefull esp for small tweeks and teams that have the skills for multi langauges in house.
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    Not sure if its just me, but your website link, links back to the top of the thread?
  • Link url code is missing the "http://" that means it's a different site.

    Should have been this.
  • Apologies about that. It should be fixed now :)
  • We now up on the Unity Asset store. Very surprised they accepted Parley figured that the Java requirement might have been an obstacle.

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