MolyJam this weekend!

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So do we have a CT venue yet? I'm keen :D



  • @raxter are we going to codebridge? Or do I need to organise a venue at UCT?
  • Is anything happening in Joburg?
  • This is the first I've heard of it so I don't think anything official is planned.
  • Nothing planned for Joburg..

    I was going to organise to have it at Wits, but the interest seemed negligible.

    I might just jam from home :).
  • ffffff, it's this weekend, I'll get hold of codebridge now, I'm pretty sure it'll be a-ok bbi10
  • it's now 10 min time, and my codebridge contact is in a meeting will get back to everyone soon soon. If the unthinkable happens and we don't get codebridge do we have a backup location?
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    ok, so we can get access to codebridge! I don't think we have to pay as much this time either, essentially it's donation based and usually costs about R300 to rent office space but because we are only using it for a weekend I've organised with the owner and he's chilled with "whatever you feel is fair (ideally R40 pp)" \o/ ok who's in? and what days? Tomorrow (Friday), Saturday and/or Sunday?
  • COoOL! I'm keen, but can probably only make it on Saturday... maybe Sunday.
  • Sunday is looking iffy for me as well, but Saturday is on. How do we get *in* the venue? Where do we park, etc?
  • codebridge (Facebook page) in Clairmont. Park here. Basically I'm collecting keys tomorrow and we just go in and jam. Shall we just do Saturday? I can be in at I guess 11ish? Sunday is also a bit iffy for me but we can make a plan with opening up etc if there is enough interest.
  • Rad, I'm in for Saturday!
  • I'd also be keen to come in and jam for a bit tomorrow.
  • if anyone doesn't have my number, pm me and I'll give it to you in case you need directions on the fly or anything.

    Otherwise I'll be there from 11am! See you'all there for molyjam n' a beer (did I mention there are always beers stocked at codebridge...)
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  • Convenient beer, the best kind of beer after conveniently free beer :P
  • When discussing the best type of beer I presume you know the bogus mathematical theorem, the Property of Ones.

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    Alright! So Molyjam codebridge edition is up and running, or in less exciting terms, I'm here and starting to think about what deprived games one could devise with the quote "I actually have an almost physical love for Microsoft."

    Come! :p

    p.s. THe parking lot is a bit tricky to find since there is no direct access from Letterstedt Rd. You have to turn into Hemlock St and then Thicket St and you'll see a big open parking lot. Once you're in the parking lot you'll see my silver (grey) car near the blue door in the far corner of the lot, that's codebridge!
  • I'm at codebridge too, it begins!
  • Woo! Codebridge is pretty neat :)

    Now to see if I can make this game idea work...
  • Good luck guys! I'm not jamming but I *am* crunching to get something out :) rawr!
  • Nothing to do with the themes, but this is what I've been jamming today.
    Space and Splines!

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  • Now that's Reticulating Space Splines! :D
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    So here is a screenshot of my terribly slow progress. The title of my game is Hell Hound Dinner Party.


    The premise? Hellhound. Fireballs. Dinner party. Rag-doll owner.

    If you love your dog, we're gonna mess with your mind, man. You're not going to be able to go to bed.
    - Peter Molyneux

    Part of the fun of dogs is they misbehave and can be enormously embarrassing to the owner.
    - Peter Molyneux
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  • These are looking awesome guys! @creative630, that hell hound character is fan-bloody-tastic, and @Merrik, those beziers look excellent, I can't wait to see the game that comes from that. It was a lot of fun jamming with you guys.

    I'm not going to submit officially, but I quite like where my idea's going so I'll work on it over the next few days, and if I can develop it into something fun I'll do a proper post with a build.


    The (ridiculous) Molyneux quote:
    "We've got tons of graphs and data coming in, and looking at that is the most inspirational thing I have seen as a game designer, ever."

    The game is tentatively called QAQAQA! The player is a QA guy/level designer who has to make game levels that are entertaining, but also need to fall in line with the publisher's idea of what players love (sound familiar?).

    It looks pretty ugly thus far, but the idea is that you have to move level bits around to design a level that an AI playtester runs through. The playtester rates the level on Frustration, Achievement, and Tension, depending on where you place things and how you control the play experience. The system for winning levels (not in yet) would involve matching the player's ratings/graphs with what the suits want. For example, you might need a level that gives the playtester low frustration but high achievement, or one where tester needs to die at a certain point. I'm not sure if all of that makes sense, but as I develop the idea further, it should.

    Also, many thanks to @dislekcia for helping me flesh out the idea, and providing a different take on it! I'm looking forward to seeing where you went with your idea.
  • Here's mine, I'm still adding some small additions to it and I'll release it to erryone shortly!

    In this game you have the base for a crawler, you attach wheels and sensors to it, and most importantly, wire up the sensors to the wheels (via logic gates) to get it to do specific things when a sensor is firing

    Green = inputs, Orange = outputs, Red = can place a part here (wheel, sensor, logic gate, or user input)
    Yellow wires = signal, black wires = no signal

    I need to add obstacles, which is what I'm doing right now. There is also an optional user input (soon to be 3 user inputs) to play around with. (also the input is v. clunky so I'm just smoothing that out)

    It's called "Searching For Freedom" and is demonstrated how the constraints on freedom is what makes a problem interesting... it's an overly complicated demonstration but that's where this game started, I want to make a button pop up after a minute saying "Press here for freedom", and then upon pressing the crawler is transported to empty space, hovering there able to do nothing. A caption will appear saying "Now isn't this fun..."
    Screen 2.png
    1687 x 1028 - 2M
    Screen 1.png
    1686 x 951 - 3M
    Screen 1s.png
    843 x 476 - 834K
    Screen 2s.png
    844 x 514 - 566K
  • And I'm done! (sans sensors and obstacle)

    Basic Instructions:
    - Click parts on the right to place then on the Crawler (sensors can be placed but do nothing atm, wheels are recommended)
    - Place the W, A, S, D in order to fire signals using the keyboard (WASD keys, obviously :p)
    - Connect the wires by clicking on one point, then the other. Use logic parts if you need to
    - Press Drop to release the crawler into the world!
    - Experiment until the freedom makes you bored or confused :p

    Bummed that I couldn't get the sensors to work, something with the way I set up the colliders/triggers/rigedbodies just didn't want to ever get the sensor to detect an obstacle. But I hope it brings you 5 minutes of entertainment. Comments always welcome, just bare in mind that it's a fully fledged, no-holds-barred, 2-day jam quality game with an entire 15 minutes devoted to polish :D

    PC Build
    MacOS Build
    Linux Build
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