Toxic Bunny HD new intro video also some new gameplay footage of the Unity version.

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We been working hard for the last 5 months rebuilding Toxic Bunny HD in Unity. Anyway certainly something to be said for doing something the easier way as apposed to the hard one. I don't see us returning to Java as a games platform any time soon.

Here are some video links.



And on another note how do I link Youtube clips directly into a post.
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    @tbulford, if you just copy the link into the post it will embed it automatically. I'm not sure who set up that magic but I think it comes with the Vanilla forum stuff.

    What method did you guys use to set up the 2D in unity?
  • Thanks will just do that next time was trying all sort of things except just pasting the url :D

    The 2d was hand built. The details are in one of the blog entries.

    Building a 2D bunny in unity breaking the 24fps limits.

    Nothing too fancy. ISO camera billboard, large sprite textures with various UV coordinates set up in an array index.
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