looking for feedback on unity plugin idea (integration creative commons image searching )

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Sooo firstly, attended my first meetup this evening was really awesome:) I recently wrote a plugin for maya that I am thinking of porting over to unity - the idea is that it allows the artist to search online within the application for creative common images and then send it off to whatever part of the pipeline they need to within the application, along with any metadata related the image attached (original url etc). It interfaces with a web application I wrote which handles most of the searching, so porting it over to unity shouldn't be too much of a mission.

The question I pose to the unity developers out there: Would this be something you would be interested in using, any ideas or suggestions would be really helpful:)

Here are some links to a demo of the maya plugin and the unity proof of concept




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    Do... Do you think you could get that running in real time? Like, could I give my game a keyword and grep a random creative commons image from the net while it was running? O_O

    That would be amazeballs!

    (Also: Yes, that sounds like a rad Unity plugin. Can you find anything similar on the Unity store? It would be pretty damn win during game jams)

    (Extra also: Glad to meet you tonight, sorry for putting you on the spot with the intros)
  • No worries about putting me on the spot hehe, its good for me to have an opportunity to practice public speaking :P

    Anyways At the moment there is nothing similar to this on the asset store, and yup - it would be possible to grep a random image, infact i will add that to the web app :D Originally I had envisioned keeping it as an editor extension, but it makes to have it run in game. I am also working on adding functionality to have it return an image with a specified width/height so images can be power-of-2 if needed.
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