Mandela Poster Project... Game Jam?

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So bear with me. I just had this idea...

There's a Mandela Poster Project, and it's all about people just making posters in celebration of our good ol' Madiba.
It collects contributions from people all over the world.

His 95th birthday is coming up, on July 18, and that's quite a big deal.

What if we took a different approach and made some little games, preferably conceptually linked to the celebration of the man himself?

Would be a nice thing to do to raise the profile of makegamesSA overall :)


  • I forsee a QWOP Madiba Shuffle type game... Good Idea though, I like it :)
  • QWOP Madiba shuffle! That's awesome! :D

    So here's what I think we can do - set aside a weekend in the month between now and then, and do a game jam, with the goal of releasing those games (putting them to the public) either before or on July 18th.

    That outcome would be a page that lets people play these prototypes. We can take that to various media, it'll certainly be talkable and interesting :)

    What does everyone think? :D
  • Sounds cool, I'm keen :) (Time depending)
  • Would it be in poor taste to recreate some of his fighting Apartheid days... ie. "Action Mandela". ?
  • QWOP Madiba Shuffle all the way!
  • Anyone got time for a Madiba Game Jam? His birthday is in exactly a week! Remembering the serious games talk we had at JHB meetup last week, it feels like a good fit :)
  • I'd jump at the chance usually, but varsity stuff is due on Monday and Tuesday :(.
  • I'm busy with Comp D this month
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