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Hi Everyone,

Make Games South Africa has partnered with NAG magazine and other sponsors to own a stand at rAge 2013 this year.

With it we want to showcase locally made (and 1 or 2 internationally made) games that expo goers can play and, ideally, buy. We're trying to organise enough space to have 8-12 games simultaneously on show. MGSA will be selecting games to showcase at rAge and they're being showcased in the NAG magazine's homebrew section first so people can get excited about the games before the expo.

So we're opening up for submissions if you want your game on the stand.

Submission Process:
  • Post your game on the forums!
  • The game must be playable on PC.
  • The game should not require an internet connection to be playable.
  • Include in your post a gameplay video.
  • Include a link to an online or downloadable version of your game.
  • Include your real name and/or company/team name.
As a suggestion update the first post of your forum thread with the latest videos and links!

Selection Process:
  • The association committee will select the games.
  • The selection will be based on polish, completeness, and the availability for the public to purchase it.
  • The final date for submissions is 5 July 2013.
  • The committee will make the selection that weekend and will announce the games chosen by 9 July 2013.
  • The committee's decision is final.
Below is the list of games we're considering. If your game is not on the list and you've completed the submission process above please feel free to PM me.

Submitted Games
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  • Added Blazin' Aces and Silhouette to the list!

    I also suggested that developers update the first post of their forum threads with the latest videos and links.

    I'm trying to link all the games to their forum threads. If you have a missing link, please let me have it.
  • Really cool initiative!
  • Desktop Dungeons doesn't get a link? For shame! ;)
  • I wanted the forum link for DD :P
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    No MGSA forum DD thrad... For sham! ಠ_ಠ
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  • No boardgames? For shame.
  • There's no way that we can support boardgames within the limited space we have available at the MGSA/home_coded stand, but I'll look into it and see if we'll have the same open tabletop gaming area that we had last year. If we do have it, I'm sure we could organise some space for anyone who wants to bring along their own games.
  • oh snap! I forgot about boardgames for this year. For 2014 we must definitely make space for board/card game submissions. That said we are planning some physical games at rAge 2013.
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    Bring MMMA please!! (Though I wonder if any changes have been made after the feedback).

    Also, I want to play some En Garde.
  • Hmmm. Pity. What's the deadline? Probably asap. My friend has a project that he's working on that really looks cool but isn't ready yet.
  • DeathSmashers needs three or four PCs to run...


    But so worth it!

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    I'll be bringing my chalk, so we can do En Garde outside ;)

    Also, I made a DD thread: http://www.makegamessa.com/discussion/695/project-desktop-dungeons - I wasn't really sure what to do with it...
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    Ninja Crash is out on XBLIG (http://www.makegamessa.com/discussion/231/ninja-crash-wins-3rd-prize-at-dream-build-play-out-october-16th-on-xblig), which unfortunately is not accessible on the South African Xbox Live Marketplace.

    We're working on incorporating online play into Ninja Crash and bringing it to several other platforms, but that's unlikely to happen this year. I can provide a Windows build of the Xbox version though, but it will only work with Xbox 360 gamepads.
  • Just noticed this now; was taking a day or two off and finishing up some RK related store business :)

    I see we're on the list, so, what must be done, master (bow)? Need we submit a build to someone? Because right now, we don't have a free "public" build :\
  • I dont think I will have a playable build ready for public consumption...but I will take a look at give it a bash!
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    @Chris_Bischoff Even a brief teaser I think would impress attendees. If the game tells the player it's in production, and what is there is something they can enjoy, I find that players are very forgiving.
  • Thanks so much for the consideration :)

    Will be releasing a new trailer and press document in the next two weeks so there is going to be a lot of new Pixel Boy news soon :P also am planning on (*cough* finally *cough*) getting a build available to the forums as a whole :)
  • I will also do a Pixel Boy Forum thread in conjunction to the new press release :P
  • Will we be able to sell stuff at the rage stand? Tshirts and shit? Im currently looking into ways to get some additional funding for some short term STASIS related stuff (getting prototypes made of a sculpture for instance).
  • When will the deadline be for submissions? That at least can give us an indication of when we need to have stuff ready by?
  • Hi Everyone, the date for final submissions is Friday, 5 July 2013!

    The committee will make the selection that weekend and will announce the games chosen by 9 July 2013.

    As always, if there are any questions please post them here or PM me directly.
  • Will we be able to sell stuff at the rage stand? Tshirts and shit? Im currently looking into ways to get some additional funding for some short term STASIS related stuff (getting prototypes made of a sculpture for instance).
    @Chris_Bischoff , As it stands now, there are no facilities planned for direct sales from the booth. There's also no space planned for it. To be honest, I don't know how practical it would be. If it were to happen, there'd have to be a central space with the items for sale, someone manning the space the whole time. Cash would be the only acceptable form of payment; managing whose items were sold would be a pain. Security is always a concern.

    I'm going to suggest that, for this year at least, let's keep it as simple as possible. From here we can only grow.
  • Really cool to see Make Games will be going to rAge this year! Was there last year trying to sell comics but it was a tough crowd... it seems they're really mostly there for the games and accessories. The most noticeable trend at rAge was that the crowds love free stuff... even if it's something small like lanyards they will flock to a stall in droves as soon as giveaways start occurring.

    In terms of selling things there, as GeometriX points out, if you do so it would need to be cash sales only... we tried with credit cards in the artists alley but the reception is so bad in the Dome that the card machines just don't work (or cellphone reception for that matter)
  • Hello,

    Had my head under my keyboard and missing out on the news it seams. I think its absolutely great the MGSA will have a stand at rAge this year. We are expecting to have a stand at rAge but haven't yet confirmed this.

    Who should we chat to regarding how we could support the MGSA stand best?

  • @tbulford, I will PM you and we can chat about rAge 2013 some more.

    We're getting a great number of submissions which is fantastic to see.
  • @aodendaal, awesome cant wait to visits the stand myself and see all the games. :)
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    I thinking about dumping some of my game jam games into the submission. How does everyone feel about that?
    None of them are 'purchaseable' (yet), but some of them are pretty fun.
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  • Looking forward to seeing your guys selections at rage. All these games look so polished!
  • Is it worth submitting MMMA from the Game Jam? We're still in the process of implementing feedback and trying different solutions for combat and the board... I guess it'd be better next year :)
  • Okay I am working day and night to get a build of PB ready for the submission on July 5th >.< Need to just get it bug free enough to submit a demo, Think I will start a forum post now :)
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    I'm keen to get something playable for rAge for this little thing I've been working on, although right now half the problem is getting controllers to work with it and coding more of the mechanics. It won't be anywhere near commercial ready, but it'll be playable (by two people)... Is that ok or is would it not fit the standards of what we're shooting for? :)

    Heck let me post it first...

    Edit: Game posted, please let me know what you guys think :)
  • @Aequitas, please post!

    @dammit, unfortunately we don't have space for boardgames & card games at rAge this year. I would however love to see it at AMaze! It MMMA posted on the forums? Have you got a video of the game in action?

    @Tuism, post!

    Just remember to follow the submission guidelines: playable demo, gameplay video, real names.
  • atomicdomb says:
    Okay I am working day and night to get a build of PB ready for the submission on July 5th >.< Need to just get it bug free enough to submit a demo, Think I will start a forum post now
    Yeah, I know how you feel, I'm busy trying to polish up my game for the submission date too. Hoping to be able to update the build this evening...
  • Hey all, Tasty Poison Games is keen to show off our games. We're just worried that PC builds of our games would not represent us well, since we designed all of them to be on iPad/iPhone. If there is an iPad there (or even and Android tablet or device) then we would love to submit!

    Yeah, to retrofit our controls to work on a PC would be too much work right now (or anytime, really :p)

    We would love to show off Pocket RPG, Dig!, Rhino Raid (and maybe Neon Shadow if it's ready! - pic ) and can organise builds for whatever devices that might be there. Otherwise we've got videos of our stuff.
  • Unfortunately we're not supporting mobile devices this year because of the security risk of them being stolen.

    @raxter, I will PM you about how we get give Tasty Poison Games some love at the MGSA stand.
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  • Wee! On the list!
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    Just posted Project :), hope its enough to enter the rAge submissions :)
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    Just posted the project for Pixel Boy :) Enjoy and thanks guys! HERE is the link :D http://makegamessa.com/discussion/759/project-pixel-boy#Item_1
  • Firewall and Pixel Boy added to the list
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  • I finally got my game to 2 player playable, but it's still in WAY alpha... I'll take some game footage tonight so I can submit (I'm at work XD), and then leave the rest to fate and the judges XD

    Definitely will get it much more polished for AMAZE though :D
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    @Tuism good! Added in the meantime.
  • So when do we know whether or not or game will be at rAge?

    I'm sure we can all agree that we would want to polish up our games for the expo :)
  • aodendaal said:
    The committee will make the selection that weekend and will announce the games chosen by 9 July 2013.
    Yes! We're expecting you all to continue polishing up and releasing your games for AMaze and rAge
  • Oh sorry about that, last time I checked the top post I didn't see the selection date...

    Note to self... RTFM (Read the f***ing mail) :D
  • Hi!!! :D

    I've FINALLY uploaded the gameplay video! Sorry for taking so long! Hope it's worth the wait XD (worth the wait for you guys that is XD)

  • Any news on committee decisions?
  • The decision should have been announced at the JHB Community Night tonight.

    Here's my slide presentation
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  • Awesome thanks for sharing the presentation :) Am in Limpopo at the moment, would have liked to attend the community night otherwise :P

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