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This might be the greatest thing to happen to gaming since opposable thumbs.

It's everything hawt in gaming right now wrapped into one terrifyingly trendy package. No indie gamer can resist purchasing it. Youtube bloggers are powerless to stop themselves making a video in why they appear theatrically scared by it. It is a marketplace juggernaut. Whoever has the wherewithal to Kickstart it first, is no doubt a genius, as well as being attractive and imminently rich.

Slendercraft. All of the monies, none of the challenging game design.

Slendercraft. An unstoppable force coming to a gamma impaired computer monitor near you.

Slendercraft. It shall scare itself into existence.

Much like what Morgan Freeman did.


  • Just imagine. You can become famous overnight by posting videos of yourself on youtube building the startship enterprise, then walking around it with a flashlight in the dark and making shrieking noises. It'd solve the problem of creative expression and be the Iron Monkey of games.
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    @raithza While you were typing that 5 or 6 developers were using their time to beat you to the market, with their Slendercraft MMORPG's real world scale Star Trek merchandising tie-in games.
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