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Hi everyone.

Took a while but here is a playable demo of Oceana. As is its typical with god/sim games it took a while to get to this stage.

Any feedback is highly appreciated.
Right out the door, this is a strange game its made of 3 parts.
1-you managing the island
2-the tribe surviving on the island
3-you forming a relationship with the tribe

Part 3 is still under construction so isn't really visible in this demo but you can have a brief conversation with tribe members even though it doesn't do anything yet.

Pacing is currently weird as hell as I am now trying to balance the 3 parts time-wise. So this will be worked on right now moving forward.

There is only 1 biome in the game atm, but the idea is as you keep exploring more open up. Give you new tiles with new mechanics.

This is the pre-alpha demo. The structure of the game isn't stable yet but the first 2 parts, island management and tribe survival is here.


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