U.S Tax exemption / dealings with U.S stores.

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So we're nearing release of Rooks Keep. Hooray! So I've been contacting distributors, etc.

Now, we've got to a stage where we need to fill out some U.S tax exemption forms, which seem to require some identity numbers obtained from the IRS (EIN, ITIN). Has anyone else had to deal with these? I could use some legal help here in how to go about filling out the forms needed (such as the W8-BEN). What is the process/steps for said dealings?



  • You should be able to apply for an EIN online, instructions here. It's a reasonably painless process, then you use that to fill out the W8 form.
  • Does that work online for us folk outside the U.S? Because I saw on this page: http://www.irs.gov/Businesses/Small-Businesses-&-Self-Employed/How-to-Apply-for-an-EIN

    "The online application process is available for all entities whose principal business, office or agency, or legal residence (in the case of an individual), is located in the United States or U.S. Territories. The principal officer, general partner, grantor, owner, trustor etc. must have a valid Taxpayer Identification Number (Social Security Number, Employer Identification Number, or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) in order to use the online application."
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    Do you have a company? If so apply for a EIN, it's much easier than getting a ITIN. You should be able to do it online, EIN's can be done over the phone as well, just remember it has to be done during their office hours.
  • Thanks chaps!

    @LexAquilla: We're not a registered company, yet :| I've heard tell that the EIN works for both businesses and individuals, but I'm not 100% sure. Hence the plea :P

    Just looking over the SS4-form, it wasn't exactly clear as to whether you need an ITIN or not, ugh :|

    Thanks for the help!
  • EIN can work for Sole Proprietors and Partnerships as well, but whoever you're talking too (at the IRS) may get finicky.
  • Does that work online for us folk outside the U.S?
    Yeah, from my experience in the past, you have to call the call centre or send the form in; non-US people can't apply for EINs online...
  • Right, thanks for the advice guys :)

    So the issue now then is on this form: http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fss4.pdf
    Lines 7a and 7b are where the problem lie. I don't have an EIN or ITIN, but the 7b field appears to require one. If indeed I NEED the ITIN, I shall have to apply for that, wait 4-6 weeks and then stick that on the W8 form.

    The glamour of game-dev eh :P
  • AFAIK, individuals also need an EIN for the W8-BEN forms... at least, guys at Luma that I know of did :) Maybe @mattbenic or @elyaradine know more? I know they had to do it...
  • The instructions for that form say you must only fill in 7a and 7b if it is applicable. Given that you are applying for a EIN you shouldn't need to fill in those sections.
  • Thanks guys (reverent bowing)

    I shall wait a bit, dig around some more, and then try and fax through the SS-4 without those two. And hope :)
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    The instructions for that form say you must only fill in 7a and 7b if it is applicable
    Spot on. the SS-4 is for obtaining your EIN, so yes, leave 7a-b alone. Just follow all instructions on the "Do I Need an EIN?" section, under the "Is a foreign person needing an EIN to comply with IRS withholding regulations" option.
  • Many thanks good folk :)
  • Just wanted to update you: I got the number via phone today. Didn't need to fill in the 7a-b things either.

    Thanks for the help guys :) (gracious bow)
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