Sound Design Workshops Question Mark


I was thinking it could be cool to get a workshop community going if anyone is available and interested in going through some sound design challenges or perhaps just a single clip once a month.

My thinking is that it could be cool to share plugins/techniques, practice, give each other some feedback, and just hang out so that we're more connected as a game audio community. I wouldn't mind facilitating the meeting, sourcing clips and maybe turning it into a compilation of everyone's efforts every month so that we can leverage getting more eyes on the work that we're doing in a uniform fashion. I've been doing this for a fair bit of time with a few London sound devs so I do think it has a lot of merit if there are enough people behind it.

Could be a do in your own time kinda thing as well for everyone who has other commitments/responsibilities or we could knock it out in an hour or two over discord which I personally think has more benefits. Anyways LET ME KNOW.


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    I'm a hobbyist who only uses free tools for audio, I don't use Discord, and I'm curious to see the conversation/knowledge sharing should it end up being somewhere visible, but it is unlikely that I will have time to participate due to the various other game dev things I'm trying to accomplish.
  • I'd enjoy doing something like this!

    I... currently do all of my audio work in Audacity. :P I've been interested in moving to something else (particularly for writing new things over just editing existing clips). I think even just watching other more experienced folks work would be useful.
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