Telekinesis Gameplay mechanics Prototype (Custom 3D Game Engine)

Hello everyone I just started a new project about a month ago, So far I have one basic gameplay mechanics which is Telekinesis the ability to move and manipulate objects.I do not have a demo yet, so I am just going to post a 30 sec video of the current gameplay. I also want ideas for more gameplay mechanics cause right now I am having difficulties in coming up with more ideas.I am using my custom Game Engine build with LWJGL to make this prototype.
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  • Looks really awesome. Reminds me of Magneto's super abilities from X-men. Any of Stan Lee's characters could be a great place to find inspiration for this type of game. Look forward to seeing the progress.
  • @Gman thanks, yeah the abilities are kind of inspired by magneto and also the game Control and I have been watching movies with this type of ability like chronicle to get more ideas and inspiration.
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  • I can now drag human beings in this prototype check the video on youtube...
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  • The environment and human drag ability are looking fantastic... looking forward to seeing the progress. Thanks for sharing your journey.
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  • Thanks @Gman the environment is something I came up with quick, I think I might change it in the future, thanks for following this journey :)
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