Unity/C# Developer

I am currently employed as a Framework Developer / Reusable Tools Developer, where my job also includes teaching those working below me and helping them solve problems within the projects assigned to them, but wish to change jobs.

Self Taught Developer (no Degree).
I am experienced in Unity, C#.
Desktop Apps (WinForms)
Virtual Reality
I am self taught in some level of 3DModelling with 3DSMax.
I am familiar with Substance Designer.

I like making reusable things and editor tools.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/codie-morgan-42102948/

I don't have new personal demos now due to donating excessive amounts of my free time to this company however things have changed within the company. I haven't much in terms of new demos but recently started working on a new personal project as I have stopped doing company work in my free time.

Current personal project, too early to show off as it doesn't have much yet, but here goes.

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