[Disc Room Game Jam] Drift Room

I decided to join the Disc Room game jam and use the CARS W/ GUNS framework to make my own spin (see what I did there) on it.

Started out with this

I've got a very raw prototype of the game on itch.io

Kill as many scientists as possible.


I want the game to be accessible as possible. So, I've gone with auto acceleration and one button to shoot. I like the granularity of the shoot mechanic.

When you hold down to shoot
- Slows down time (feels cool to drift in slow mo and makes it "easier" to aim at the scientist)
- Makes you start drifting (added drifting because it's cool and balances out the slow mo by making it harder to aim)

The idea is that it's hard to get the right shot hence you constantly adding discs to the game increasing the difficulty. Each kill from the disc make the disc disappear.

I do miss the drifting button like the original tweet. Because that felt really nice dodging discs like that at the moment it's only during slow mo.

Anyway, let me know what you think? What was your highest score?

ezgif.com-gif-maker (1).gif
600 x 338 - 7M
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  • Highscore 18.

    After playing again, think another point of feedback I might have is that there is little incentivizing you to not just get as close as possible to the scientist.
  • @NickCuthbert. Thanks for playing. I've worked on a new version that addresses that issue.


    Added art and SFX

    - Disc that goes round the room
    - Made holding to shoot limited
    - Scientists dodge when you get too close to them
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  • Highscore was much lower (6) in the update.

    Loved the improved art style. Really captures the look and feel of the original game.
    Gameplay already felt a lot juicier, the dodging and room saw helped a lot and the scientist felt easier to hit from further away.
  • @NickCuthbert Great to hear. Think I'm gonna leave the design as is now and juice it up! Thanks for playing.
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