Hi everyone!

Busy working on a Run and Gun platformer with dinosaurs.. cause well dinosaurs, come on!

Devlog #01:
I've just uploaded my first dev-log. Feel free to check it out. :)

I'll update some progression here as development continues.

I have a discord channel if you're interested in following the project more closely. :) -


  • It looks cool :)

    Controls do look pretty tight, though can't say without actually trying it myself. Placeholders look like placeholders and that's great, other bits look pretty.

    I have some input on some of the things if you'd like to hear. Lemme know.
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  • Thanks for the feedback @Tuism - You're welcome to join the discord channel to drop your feedback. =>

    Or if you want, you can also drop it here.
  • You should never go spelunking without a helmut... (Cave run scene update)
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  • So for a game that features the word dinosaur, the game has very little to do with dinosaurs so far? Spikes and buzzsaws are cool and all but I think if you're trying to build up something with the devlog, perhaps try to get to the titular thing sooner :)

    Other than that, the game looks and moves like a Braid + Meatboy lovechild and that's not bad.
  • Haha yeah that has been a regular comment so far. Currently focusing on getting the platforming tight cause if that sucks it all falls apart.

    The next dev-log I do will be a combat update with the dinosaurs :) Raptors, Combis, Meganeura and a T-Rex.
  • Updated the pixel art. Now everything is the same size and has more of a prehistoric feel to it.

  • The styling and colour palette does seem more consistent, foreground with outline and background without seems to work here. Colours feel more upbeat, like Sonic-y, if that's what you're going for :)
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  • That's looking good!

    One thing I'd pay some attention to is using values/colour to distinguish between foreground (or interactive) elements and those that aren't. You've already got some nice atmospheric perspective/fog in there, but if a tree is in the foreground and you can't interact with it then imo for gameplay clarity it should not have the same visual treatment as things that you can interact with, especially if it's action-packed.

    The video with the boulders has nice tense moments!
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  • Thanks for the feedback! Yeah that seems to be the general response so far. Will look through some videos on color and take another crack at it. :)
  • Here's an update to the visuals. Think I'm getting closer.

  • Another attempt at the forest design :)
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  • It seems to be veering away from pixelart (not a complaint, just an observation as I don't know what you intend but I really liked the earlier pixel art). Also the licence plate is mirrored?
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    Yeah I'm moving away from pixel towards an "Ori and the will of the wisps" design.
    - For me it's quicker to get a large amount of assets out.
    - Haha yeah just noticed that. (The image was flipped)
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  • Please save that pixel dinosaur for some sort of (other) dinosaur game!
  • @watman will keep it in the art book for the game for def!

    - Further update to the forest scene with an update to the player character.
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  • Art book? I'm talking about a point-and-click adventure or a versus fighting game.
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  • @watman ahh I get you. Not sure if I'll do a game like that. Maybe a fighting game. But point and click is not my thing unfortuately.

    Velociraptor update:
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  • About a weeks worth of effort. Created a short scene to demo the feel of the game. :)
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  • Just checked it out, it looks very fun to play. The movements look very fluid for the running and gun! PS. The first raptor in silhouette scared the living daylights out of me twice.
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  • Thanks @LittleBear! Glad to see the foreshadowing worked. :)
  • Finished off the cave scene :)

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    Worked a bit more on the forest too.

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    Closing in on finishing the demo! Here's a short clip for the start of the game. :)

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    New mini devlog! Final scene now complete. :)

  • My first boss battle! :)
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    The boss fight looks good, great work so far. Is the vid choppy just in the recording or is it in game as well?
  • Any demo? I wouldn't mind giving this a proper play test.
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