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  • Hi everyone,
    If you want to get involved in testing FlingFu; just drop me a message with your email address and name and I'll link you to the game :D.
  • I would just like to say I would love to continue testing (will probably give some more feedback from my txt file of doom this evening or tomorrow :P )
  • @edge Hey man, thanks for your time. I woke up this morning and changed the core game play super drastically (kinda risky tho). I would love if you could give it a quick try (only if you have the time) and just tell me the if it sucks or rocks, I'll quickly update your Dropbox folder with a new build.
  • I played both and I struggled to see a difference between them at first (which bothered me) is it that more force gets applied? I dunno things just seem to happen faster in the second one (especially the speed at which enemies converge on the player at the start, although oddly enough the energy regen seems the same or something because I have yet to run out of energy in the first one). I definitely prefer the second one though

    Anyways so just something weird I noticed, in the second one, if you pull an arm quite hard for instance, it extends too much and looks funny/unnatural (you can suddenly extend your arm and punch somebody in the face at amazing distances yet it does not happen with legs it seems), so maybe you wanna put a limiter on that/reduce the limit if there is one.

    Also at one point in time (I dunno if anybody else can confirm this as it only happened once and I may have seen wrong, I was slow to printscreen it so the screenshot is a bit delayed/its hard to see on) I hit an enemy and a bunch of bloodsplatter got spawned at the walls (IE not on any of the characters, just in the middle of 2 of the walls). You can see it in the screenshot attached, the blood on the right seems normal (though I'm quite sure some of it at least was not spawned on the character) but look on the left, there's some there in the middle of nowhere and there's some in the centre of the floor (is that (0,0,0) per chance?).


    Then for suggestions, this first one I know has been said many times before but I shall emphasize it here anyways: Notification when the player gets hit. Not knowing why your drags aren't working is lame :<

    Another one is the dead bodies (or unconscious, if you want to be family friendly...though with all that blood...). They get in the way sometimes. Especially on the second version where the enemies seem to converge on the player really fast at the beginning, more than once I got surrounded and had to shove bodies out of the way, which bothered me. Unless that is meant to be a mechanic to make the game require some sort of planning or something, maybe you could make it so that dead bodies lose their physics-ness at some point (such as when they first hit the ground) and are still shown for a short while but do not affect the game.

    Next I assume that I am correct in saying that the movement runs perpendicular to the view of the camera, which can sometimes be hard to see. I was thinking maybe some sort of transparent plane that shows where it intersects with the terrain/other players. Or even if there was just a line (that would effectively show just the points of intersection of such a plane, leaving the player's view entirely unobstructed. The problem with this is that I think it would be difficult to implement with the game's current monochrome look without being really hard to see...

    Lastly, regarding the recording that you mentioned earlier. Surely it would not be that complicated to create a system whereby you can record player input (or at least the drags) that records the game time that it occurred, the start and the end point of the drag (if that is indeed how you handle the drags). Because then your replays could essentially be a standard game scene just with a "Replay manager" (instead of the standard GUI) which would wait until a certain game time and then send in the input that corresponds to that time (same as in a standard game). This would leave the viewer free to control the camera however they please and you could probably handle speed easily by multiplying time passed/movement by a factor. I have no idea how this might affect your AI as I don't know if they would act in a constant manner when given constant input form the player. I imagine you'd also need to run everything in FixedUpdate so as to always have the same game frame times (and not have it run 0.001s late every time)

    Was loads of fun though!
  • Ok, so I gave both of them a play. The only real difference I could feel between the two was how hard I punched the guys and how fast I used my energy. It felt like both were more in the second one. I don't really care for the energy mechanic so I preferred the first one where my energy seemed endless.

    There is no incentive to fight. Apart from looking extremly cool while doing flying dragon punches and butterfly kicks. The black nins don't do any damage, so I can just stand and wait till they get in close and jab them to death. I am hoping that this is just something that still needs to be implemented but they have to try and murder you, they just have to.

    Control issues. There are two things that I noticed, the first being that dragging in a upwards motion(cursor moving to the top of the screen) doesn't seem to have as much effect as dragging to the left/right. The second issue is that the camera feels slow. I would like some extra speed in rotating it. I don't think it would be that hard to implement/tweak the camera speed and test different speeds.

    Also I would like some indication of how hard I'm going to hit. It doesn't have to be a quantified thing, maybe just increase the weight of the streamers trailing the the white nin. But I sometimes found it hard to judge how hard I was about to hit with the slow-mo and camera turning going on.

    So those are my complaints.

    As far as ideas go, I know someone mentioned this at one of the meets but different enemies would be great. Also I think it would be cool to have items you can kick into the enemies just like you can kick them into items. Basically a lot of stuff that can break all over the place :P I already mentioned that I don't care for the energy mechanic. The way I see it, the more flying around I do, the more I should be rewarded. The energy mechanic discourages me from flying around too much. Maybe create a special power where you knock everyone back against the walls but you have to charge it up by being punchy.

    These are just my opinions by the way....so use them, don't use them...still a great looking game :)
  • I'm no pro at this, but recording player input and reproducing that in a replay is... super dodgy, from stuff I've read before. Physics isn't a precise, analytic thing. Feeding in the same input on different computers, different devices, even the same machine at a different time, can produce small deviations that, cumulated over hundreds of frames, results in pretty wildly deviating reproductions.

    If you were to write something like thar yourself, it's still probably best to record the transforms of each node at each frame/timestep, and interpolate between them when you show the replay. Potentially large data size, but at least you're guaranteed an accurate replay that doesn't deteriorate over time.
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    @Elyaradine That sounds like exactly what I need, there is a software package that does just that for like $80, http://u3d.as/content/soft-rare/ez-replay-manager/1QY @mattbenic linked me to it. I'm concidering buying it if I can't come up with something.

    I did some more work on the blood effect; added scaling(random between two curves over time), a random rotation and extra sub-particles (droplets). I think it looks better now :), I'll post a link to the updated game later today.
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    @D3zmodos Firstly kudos for almost getting an enemy out of the ring, its usually quite tricky, but was a bit easier in the second build. As for the blood thing: it was a glitch. It seems to happen when you hit an enemy into a wall hard enough. It's fixed now. Thanks for pointing that out :).

    The arm being pulled out the socket... What a <is swearing taboo?>. I was up all night trying to fix it. It seems to have been too much force applied to the joints, still a mystery as to why only the arms are affected. First I tried to integrate something like this [/http://vonlehecreative.wordpress.com/2010/02/02/unity-resource-velocitylimiter/] into my already very modified dragrigidbody sctipt, it failed dismally a few times. I then tried a different approach: red wine. It worked like a charm ;). It was actually so simple; just added a breakforce to the rigidbody drag script. The hand thing is fixed and imo the game plays much better now the player is rewarded for precise dragging but is till able to go all out ape. I'll post a link to the game on this forum (@dislekcia convinced me to just make it available to everyone straight).

    As for the player being hit and dying, white blood plus slight spherical explosion thingy
    and I'll make a death screen.

    Your comment on the dead bodies being in your way is kinda odd, didn't you figure out how easy it is to do a front flip or side flip or back flip or spinaroony flip over them? Flipping is a big part of the game, so is the dead bodies. They serve as human shields/walls and projectiles if you're good ;). Maybe I should make a tutorial to make sure people know how to do the basic moves?

    The transparent plane/line to show what is in front of you is a super neato idea, I think it will be easy to implement. I'll try to get to it today.

    The recording thing seems like a complex idea. You over estimate my coding ability by a long shot. @Elyaradine also mentioned an easier way to do it.

    If it's not too much could you send me a video of how you play the game or even just a brief description as I want the game to be played in a tactical and precise manner, not just randomly flinging around and hoping to hit something.

    Thank you for playing the game and giving loads of good feedback.

    @Rigormortis First of all thank you for trying the game out.

    If you are constantly running out of energy; you're not planing ahead well enough. I love the strategical and precise game play that the energy bar implements, so that won't change. A good idea however is to make the player collect food or something that is scattered throughout the arena to recharge large chunks of energy instantly. This will eliminate the waiting for energy to recharge boringness. Also a cool feature could be a meter that charges up with good fighting (combos and so on) and when it is full allows the player a limited time like 15 to 30 seconds of infinite energy.

    The AI is still very incomplete, all they do is spot and walk to the player. I plan on giving them abilities like: flipping over dead enemies and some obstacles, a wide verity of fighting moves and basic path finding. They will try to murder you... and hopefully succeed ;).

    You said: "dragging in a upwards motion(cursor moving to the top of the screen) doesn't seem to have as much effect as dragging to the left/right". This is because dragging takes place in screen space as opposed to world space (which is why I mentioned the importance of using the camera rotation in the readme). It is not imo a fault of the game, in fact it adds a lot mere depth and detail to the way you can manipulate the character. For instance if the dragging took place in world space, on the X Z plane, you would be mid back flip and soaring over a guy, where you could usually rotate the camera until you can drag your foot down upon his head, you will now only be able to drag your foot his head. The upper cut and karate chop won't be possible ether for the same reason. So that part of the game is essential. As for how quick you rotate the camera: that is, like you thought, easy to change. I'm also working on a mouse look option but didn't have much time today.

    The problem with how hard you are going to hit shouldn't be a big problem at all. The game is designed, and sorry for not making this clear in the readme, so that hitting will almost always take place out of slow-mo. You may not be playing the way the game is intended to be played, which isn't your fault as there is still no proper tutorial. But here is a quick rundown of a basic punch:
    1.Line up: You must make sure you are arm length distance from the target.
    2.Your arm should not be stretched out toward the target just yet. Instead it should be away from the target; kinda like lining up a punch in real life.
    3. This is the part where you actually punch the target. For the best results try grabbing the fist right at the very tip and moving it with the right amount of force (all the power in the world means nothing without control) into the target as if you are trying to hit right through it.

    All the moves in the game revolve around these principles and if you become better at the game one punch or kick lines up another one without using much energy at all. This is the way I like the game and at the end of the day, as an independent developer, me liking the game is what really matters. Don't get me wrong I do care what people thing of the game, otherwise I wouldn't ask everyone for their opinions.

    The Items to kick into enemies will almost definitely be in the game, awesome idea. And lots of stuff breaking in super slow-mo can't be bad ether :D. Thanks Again for your crit and ideas :).
  • notsimon207 said:
    The arm being pulled out the socket... What a <is swearing taboo?>.
    I fucking hope not! But in society in general I believe it is. Here I, believed, it is simply viewed as a word of exclamation.

    Also yay for community build. I get to play it now :>
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    It'l be up in a few minutes :), you hould thenk @Dislekcia for convincing me.
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    Here is the link to the game builds, /https://www.dropbox.com/sh/i80d5kfevhytz76/9WFSAKRj8E. just remember the game is still missing pretty much all the features that I hope it will one day have. Enjoy :D!
  • I think most things have been suggested already. However, I think would be cool if you could always see the avatar. It becomes tricky to drag the avatar when you get surrounded by enemies, because you can't see the avatar. This wouldn't happen to good players, but it's still an issue. Perhaps the opacity of the enemies could change if it was between the mouse and the avatar and/or the outline of the avatar could shine through or something.

    Just a small suggestion - it appears you have more than enough advice to work on already :).
  • @Bensonance You're right. It could be a problem for new players, even I sometimes miss a would be awesome hit because I can't see the ninja. It Seems tricky to implement, and I'll have to learn how to write shaders, but totally doable.
  • Ok, so there needs to be a restart button (I may have missed it). :P

    I have to download this new version and see what has changed still, so I hope I'm not slow on this point, you shouLd look at using boids to control the ai movement. Basically I realized a big breaking point in the experience for me was that every game the enemies always clump together and sometimes take one another out. They should try space themselves out relative to one another, and boids is a good method for achieving this.
  • @edg3 Man, I hate it when that happens, I have actually tried to come up with a solution for a while now. Never heard of boids, I'll do some searching, thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

    The restart button is "k" I only put it in the other day, the up to date version is in the link I posted just now.
  • I'm trying to capture a video of me playing like 3 rounds for you...I think I just saw the game move backwards...a corpse was flying upwards >.> (If I can get the video to render properly and upload then I'll point if out...if it does in fact look like that)
  • @D3zmodos A video would be great. Corpses can fly/bounce up if you hit them into the ground hard enough. It shouldn't be a glitch if that is how it was achieved. I usually get corpses to bounce into other enemies by bringing my heel down on their faces as I come out of a front flip, pretty fun move. It sometimes backfires, (you end up with a dead guy kicking you in the face), which is kinda funny.
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    @notsimon207 wahaha, I got around to downloading it, it's awesome :). Good job
    Edit: Lol, even my mom says your game is cool :P
  • Wow, that is a huge complement :D! I'm really glad/relieved that you enjoy it. The feel of the game isn't quite there yet. I'm now busy tweaking things until I find a feel that I'm satisfied with. I'll keep updating the drop box folder every time I make a big enough change.
  • With regards to the end of game replay I came across an article on Gamasutra I haven't looked over the code it provide on GitHub but it seems like it could be a usable resource.
  • Ok so here's the video. I do realise that it has really really really bad quality but something when wrong and I got fed up with recorders doing dumb things (I'll make another one maybe if you want more of the same person playing, anybody know any really good recorders?).

    However at least you can see me playing, in all my average-ness :P

    Video (I guess it isnt possible to embed videos here?)
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    @D3zmodos Not sure why but YouTube claims the video is private and I can't watch it.
  • My apologies, I think it should work now
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    @D3zmodos It worked! Neato gameplay man, liked your rotating stile, that build was meant to be played like a real badass. But I have been experimenting with a new play stile which forces one to move much more precisely. In the build you played you had a near infinite amount of energy and the faster you drag the harder you hit.
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    The new build is online! 0.something.3.1

    The new build is much more delicate. Dragging the mouse at twice the speed of sound won't result in an OMGFMLFUBAR punch anymore, instead it will just cut the drag short and waist a hell of a lot of energy.
    The new much slower stile gives skill full play an upper hand over OMGFMLFUBAR stile playing. This will later be essential when a score mechanic is implemented as skilled players could exploit the OMGFMLFUBAR power way to easily.

    This is me playing this build (the second/third round is the best ;) ): /
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    While implementing a cheap fake boids system, to spread enemies out a bit, I apparently also added a new "Victory Dance" feature. Thinking of just leaving it in the game as a death screen and making better dance moves.

  • Maybe you should make the enemies kinda swing their arms around a bit as the player comes closer? Or will that look stupid and crazy? It may make it a bit harder as you may get hit more easily.
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    There is no offensive or defensive moves scripted into the AI yet. They literally only find and walk toward the player ;). I just wanted to get he mouse dragging control feeling good before I started adding to the game; I'm satisfied with it now so I'm moving on. Next on my list was AI, that is why I started with the, "Don't walk into each other you stupid fucks!", script that spreads them out a bit. Now I'll do some "avoid objects" coding then some "jump/flip over lower obstacles (like dead comrades)" work, and only after that is done will I do the "dodge block and murder" coding. Then hopefully you can be like "OMG! Did that dude just do a front flip over a dead guy, pick him up, and throw him at my face!?! :O"

    Edit: Actually that last part sounds epic. I'm gonna start working on that first :P .
  • haha, good luck! Sounds difficult! In my zombie game, I also added the boids like thing to make zombies in a horde sorta keep a distance from each other (it sorta ended in a pushing kinda actual though, which is fine too I guess). But I struggled my ass off with just getting them to find an entrance to a building properly without walking into walls like a bunch of noobs. Good luck! I'd really like to see some of that in action!
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    I downloaded your game, still need to play it tho. The stuff you do in your game is way more complex. My AI works on blind luck; I just nudge them to do the right thing.

    As for the boids thing in my game, It's not complex at all. I just modified this script (http://www.unifycommunity.com/wiki/index.php?title=Gravity) to work for my game.
    All I had to do was to add a minus and make it push only the chests of the enemies.

    As far as I understand using this code is legal. But I'm not sure I'f I can legally sell the game if it contains a modified version of the code. If that is the case I'll have to think up something else and not use this. I would appreciate if someone who knows anything about law could take a look at the licence and tell me what they think./http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ (there is a link to it at the bottom of the wiki page.)
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    @notsimon207, hmm reading that makes me thing you are allowed to use it:
    to Remix — to adapt the work
    to make commercial use of the work
    if you give credit to the author

    And at the moment your game is more fun to play :) Grave Days is still far from complete (same as fling fu I suppose? ), but dragging ninjas across the screen is quite entertaining and stress relieving. And it looks fancy :) It's been a great source of procrastination for me!
  • I'm guessing this would eventually be a touch game? It looks great, I love the way the little dude flips around like a bond fide master :)

    I think if this is to become a touch game eventually, dragging the little dude's limb points could be tricky with your fat finger, maybe make the camera zoom in a bit while he's in bullet time mode? I feel if the whole camera thing could have more dynamism to it it could look quite cool too, besides being more easier to target limbs. Maybe a feedback of some sort telling you you picked up "this" limb, so you know you got the right (or the wrong) one.

    Good stuff man, I love it :)
  • @Denzil Just played your game. In Short: there is a lot of two things in this game; fun (leading zombies to the survivors ;P ) and nervous laughter (mainly because it took me 5 hours (in game) to find the torch button). I'll do a better post on your thread ;).

    @Tuism Yea it will totally move toward touch. As for the accurate dragging: I'll just make notes of the most common drag spots and go to the closest one. However telling people what they are dragging isn't a bad idea. Thanks.
    The awesome flipping however is merely side effect of my laziness. My laziness: Your welcome :).
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    Hi everyone,
    I was thinking about how stylish play is rarely rewarded in games, even combo meters reward diversity and skill but not necessarily awesome stile. I think that in Fling Fu this is an even bigger problem as the game can be played really stylishly and a fare amount of cool moves can be performed. Sadly tho it is very much like a good Kung Fu movie: the coolest moves are often less efficient and really hard to pull off.

    Here is a video to prove my point:

    So which fight would you rather see on the top of the leaderboards: A, B, C or D?

    All of this boils down to my Idea of having a score that you receive in-game for killing, combos and low health loss etc. Then a replay of your game is uploaded and other people and players can rate it. These ratings combined in some well balanced way to the in-game score will determine your standing on the leaderboards.

    Good idea? Bad idea? And just for fun lets have a vote on the best fight :P. I'm uploading the level I used in the video so you guys can try, but probably fail, to make even cooler moves than mine ;). /https://www.dropbox.com/s/jg85efxqg6q2ayz/TwoForTwo Demo.zip
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    Ok so there's no doubt that C was the coolest by far. End of discussion.

    Ok but seriously, D had a cool move or two as well. And from my hours of playing, I can nearly pull of a C. Have never been able to do that spin thing in A, which is kinda cool. But C just looked super deadly to me. It looks super effective (lots of damage, low health loss), and pretty stylish flips.

    Sometimes I try this flip where I pull his leg out backwards, which makes him do this cool mid air spin, which u can finish off with a hard downward kick (which I miss 19 out of 20 times. But when it hits its cool).

    I think your idea of combing those stats for a final score is seems like a pretty solid idea. Would be cool if you could measure flips/rotations and air-time as part of the score. Maybe not. Who knows...

    **By the way, what software do you use to record the videos? I once tried to record a game of Grave Days and it came out laggy as hell.

    ***By the way, if you are looking for some decent free music, you should perhaps check out: Music by Kevin MacLeod. Maybe there is something you could use. You only have to give him credit for the music, nothing else (you can donate if you have anything to spare).
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    @Denzil Firstly, you're crazy. A is AWESOMe with a capital A,W,E,S,O and M ;).
    Secondly D was an example of noobish "drag the foot until you hit something" play.
    And thirdly... Why is there never a thirdly when you need one?

    I use a trial version of Camtasia...only 23 more days left :'-(.

    The music by Kevin MacLeod is pretty good, but not for Fling Fu, so far it plays best with The Gorillaz type music. But that's probably just cause I like them. So I was thinking of letting people use their own music.
    I would have liked to use Kevin's music in the only game I ever kinda compleated. Here is a link to it. Be warned it's not very original and contains my attempt at making a sound track. /https://www.dropbox.com/sh/sb94cb8cxqed6st/sPCq2v0Gmv
  • Ok, so here is the video I mentioned:

    It should be uploaded in ~2h20m from now (currently 8.24pm).
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    @edg3 Dude that is cool, can't believe you got it to a point where it follows that accurately! All that's left to fix now is the heads that fall and the one arm/spine2 giving problems. I'm sure I could help with solving bugs after the stuff you taught me last night.

    It would be super If you decide to make a demo scene (I could do that for you if you want) with cubes and such and put it online with the code so anyone can share and use it!:D But you did sink a lot of time and effort into it so it's totally understandable if you would rather sell it on the Unity Store.

    Thanks again for making a replay system from scratch. And for teaching me the way of the code.
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    This is a video demo of my dynamic obstacle avoiding AI. They Try to find the player and just strife around obstacles to get to the player. This is an extreme situation and the AI will hopefully never have to navigate shit like this. My apologies for the bad quality, the export kinda sucked.
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    @notsimon207 how did you do this? Did you just add repelling forces to force them to move around the obstacles? Or do they actually follow a calculated path?

    Looks good so far :)
  • @Denzil Each enemy has a Raycast that casts out in front of their feet, I just keep rotating the enemy to look at the player and when it gets close to an object it decides randomly between moving left or right to avoid the object. This is done by adding local force to the torso of the enemy rag-doll. To stop them from getting stuck in corners I made them change direction if they stand still to long. It still needs some polish but I'm pleased with it so far. I'll work on making it a bit smoother tomorrow and then get busy on flipping over lower obstacles and some combat.
  • Duuuuude that is SICK. You're making great progress!
  • Game looks wicked.
    Reminds me of GMstickman with melee combat.
  • That is looking amazing!! So it turns out my meeting will only be Thursday instead of today for work, so will hopefully finish up the replay stuff and send that through to you this evening! :D
  • @edg3 So quick!?! Didn't expect it to be ready for another week or two. Thanks man :D!
    @Tuism Thanks man. When are we seeing your game on the Internets? I've started playing tetris on my netbook, while waiting for my pc to cool down every 2 hours, so hopefully by the time you have your game out I will have the instant HIGH SCORE :P!
  • Hi everyone, I recently managed to make an Android build of fling fu. It runs fine on Samsung galaxy s3 and S2, but it would be great to test it on some other devices as well. So if you have an android device and you want to test the game out I'll have the apk installer up before the end of the day, just want to fix some camera bugs first.
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  • I have a bunch of devices to test on :)
  • @Karuji Cool, the build is online. Here is a link to apk, the controls are in the readme. Thanks for testing :D

    What is the haps with this? Please tell me it's not dead...
  • Seconded, @notsimon207 you better not let it die! The Amaze one was pretty far from where it was so kudos for that, wanna see progress :)
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