Rock Climber (prototype)


Hi there guys

Im making a physics based game. Litrallt woke up this morning and have been working on this brief prototype. I think the name of this prototype says it all. Im using 3d rad again. :P

All comments welcome.

My next journey is underway!


320 x 240 - 13M


  • I love the combination of the game's name/ character/ concept! Seems like a very fun, playful idea! Excited to see where this goes!
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  • Thanks Benjets. Will keep updating as I progress.

  • Hi . I'm trying to get a simple yet appealing look. So far this is what ive tried, but it was just a test of sorts. All the objects are native to the 3d rad engine, with only the player character being a simple model I did quickly in blender.

    Well now you know where im sort of going with this project. Gonna use my own 3d for all of the models going forward.

    The character or main intelegent beings are going to be rocks.

    Im going to keep it simple though, following the advice from my partner. I wanted to make an epic tale of bla bla bla. But no it's just gonna be more centered on gamplay.

    Feedback welcome. Thanks.
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