Every Tuesday 17:30 Discord Hangout

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Every Tuesday
5:30pm - whenever
On the MGSA Discord

(Discord server link can be found here: https://discord.com/invite/V7cygVk)

So from today's online meetup, an idea came out - in this time of social isolation, having access to social support for each other is more meaningful than ever. So some had the idea of doing Discord hangouts more regularly, without any set agenda, set activities. Anyone can drop in and out whenever they please, no expectations. What we can do there?

- Draw together
- Dev together and discuss things
- Get feedback for what you're working on (there's screen share + URL sharing works too)
- Talk about absolute nonsense
- Organise online boardgames
- Whatever

So... Maybe see ya then. There's no obligation, drop in, drop out. Chill :)

NB. It's an open invite to a community space. The space does not tolerate bad behaviour, I haven't seen any yet, and I'm sure people will call it out if they see it. Respect one another, and the admins reserve the right to kick anyone who messes the space up for others. Cheers!


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