Micro Death Machines [ScreamMachineJam] on itch.io

Hi All,

I made a game over 10 days for the ScreamMachine Jam on itch.io

Would appreciate feedback on the title. It's a GTA2-like with a Zombie Theme


Would really appreciate if you could give it a play and give me some feedback.

1152 x 648 - 20K


  • image
    595 x 335 - 9M
  • Would really appreciate some feedback on this jam entry.
  • Awesome attempt here FanieG!

    I found it a bit hard to control the car but I digged how much action was going on on screen.

    Are you going to continue with this project?
  • @iamdavidnight Thank you so much for trying this out and giving feedback. I'm a hobbyist dev, that really only makes stuff for jams. This jam was nice because it was a bit longer than the normal 48/72 hr stuff I usually join. Also, I usually do 2D stuff, so this is my first 3D game. I used the jam as a place to learn these new skills...and damn 3d is hard. Also, first time doing sound myself, as I usually get my Muzo friends to help out with that. Other thing I tried focussing on was "Juice", so thanks for mentioning the action on the scree. If this turns out to be fun enough that someone suggests I should continue working on this, I probably will. That's why I have been begging for feedback.

    This is also my first game ever that got featured on a twitch stream


    My game at time stamp: 6:25.40

    So I am super proud of that. It was someone that works with the hosts of the Jam (and I thinks she will be playing through most of the entries), but I'm going to see it as a win anyway. It's secretly been one of my wishes since I started making games and it really made my day. That and that someone here responded.

    So thanks
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