Hey MGSA'ers,

Got a chance to jam on something over the weekend. I felt intrigued to make a character out of the rope theme and tried my had at a exploratory platformer.



  • WASD or Arrows to move
  • Space to jump
  • Press right click to dash forwards
  • Press and hold left click to grab spray cans ... release to let go.
  • Aim at green cubes to swing. Press and hold left click to jump to them ... release to push off.
The controls are beyond terrible right now and I figure most people will have a hard time swinging about. Wish I had more time to refine the swinging and drawing mechanics. Keen to hear what you think ... does this have soul?

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  • Hi ashshza.
    This looks great! Thanks for the hard work.

    Just a small thing...
    Please edit the subject of your post...it should be [#PROTOSHI] 3... NOT 2.

    ALSO. I hope you are ready for week 4 starting tonight! The last of the 4. I hope people are gonna give this last one everything they've got! :)
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  • @Pierre Good catch, thanks.
  • I really enjoyed this game.
    The whole Rope Swinging mechanic is done very well and the cell shading is done nicely. I struggled to get the spray cans and make graffti like the gif however XD
    Well done!
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  • @VMASTER thanks!

    Thanks for the feedback on spray cans, you're not the only person struggling there. In its current form you need to hold left click and move your rope tail near the can and then it will attach. However that's not remotely clear. Only post-jam did it occur to me that just pointing and clicking once at a can triggering a grab would be far more intuitive.
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  • Really nifty idea! I loved jumping around the environment. Good use of versatility.
    I also struggled to pick up the spray cans.
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