Illustrator - this is a Full-Time position in a Gaming IT/Dev company

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Permanent role.

We are looking for talented illustrators to join Playsafe, a dynamic and fast-growing IT/Development company based in Cape Town - who believe in a good work/life balance. The offices are situated in Tableview, minutes away from the beach!

Illustrator Job Position

As an Illustrator you will be responsible for creating exciting worlds and characters. You will be breathing life into
sketches and concept art. You will be working in a team with lots of other talented artists, engineers and programmers.
You must be well versed with industry standard programs and tools. Good spatial skills and a well honed sense of
color and design will help you succeed in this job.

• Create and manage digital assets.
• Create concept art and final rendered sketches of characters, objects and environment.
• Follow design guidelines, asset naming conventions and other technical constraints.
• Optimize, refine and correct final art assets.
• Work with artists, animators and programmers to execute projects on time.
• Keep abreast with the latest developments in illustration tools and technologies.

• Expert level knowledge of illustration tools such as Adobe suit etc.
• An eye for detail and good visualization skills.
• Ability to take feedback and make changes as required.
• Extensive knowledge of character design.
• Some familiarity with animation techniques.
• Good communication skills.
• Formal training and qualifications in the relevant field is required.

Contact Lynn via email: if interested
Please send through your cv and a 1-2 minute video detailing your skills and anything else interesting about yourself.
Salary: R20,000 - R40,000 dependent on experience.
Illustrator Job Description.pdf


  • Hi there and welcome!

    According to the forum rules, job postings need to include more information than you've provided:
    - A job must be posted by the company offering the position/contract and the company must be clearly identifiable.
    - The position must be clearly stated as a game development position/contract.
    - The job post must contain a description of the skills/qualifications required, an indication of payment/budget/salary, expected timeframe for the job and a job description that clearly communicates job responsibilities.
    - The job post may not be solicitation for spec work or in the form of a competition reward.
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    Noted and updated - please confirm all is in order, thanks!
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  • You still haven't explicitly stated that it is a game-development position in any of your job ads but a quick look around online seems to indicate that you are a poker company?
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