Architectural themed Realtime Project & others (3d rad)

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Sup guys.

I am trying to see how far I can push and Architectural themed project , in 3d rad. this how far Ive gotten so far.

Some notes to get this to work:

since I was using a 1:1 scale (millimetres) in 3ds max. when I exported the model, there was alot of draw issues and z-fighting issues. thankfully i fixed this by scaling down the model by like 200 times its original scale, and then exporting it again.

Since I was not too interested in realtime shadows at this point. I did manage to bake out the shadows, to a shadow map. and used Shadmars light map shaders for the shadows.

that was pretty much all I did to get this far.

Note: the building model is a free model I got from either CADNAV or ARCHIVE3D, I dont remember where I got it. but I didnt model it myself. I just started modeling the parking and environmnet areas.

All comments welcome. have a good weekend guys . laters


  • Please! For all that is scared and holy, let us help you move to Unity or Unreal!

    Also, scaling large models is normal.
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  • Sounds like an intervention. I will move over ti Unity eventually.......
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  • Out of curiosity, what is it about 3d rad that you like so much?
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  • I used to study with some friends who were really big on architectural visualization. I'm not sure what your goals are with this, but if you're planning on being able to do offer that as a professional service, having a great understanding of lighting and colour grading seems really important in architectural renders. This includes linear space, using HDRIs, light bakes (or whatever method of global illumination you're using) and the properties of different materials under PBR.

    Some further reading, in case that's what you're after:
    Broader theory on CG lighting/cinematography:
    Theory for materials:
    More practical application of materials:
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  • Thanks for the links Elyaridine. I know there is no hope of getting to proffessional level, with this experinment. Im just seeing how far I xan push the engine, with what ive learned so far.

    Lesedi_Mosadi , I just like how easy it is for me to use 3d rad. I just like pushing this engine as far as I can. That's all. Compared to the super cars of the industry standard. Its like a rock with square wheels. Call me delutional and stubborn....but its still, just like home to me. I have no desire to compete with gaints. I just want to be happy. 3d rad makes me happy.
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  • And you don't think you can be happy using a different engine?
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  • Hi Lesedi_Mosadi . Eventually I will move onto something else. Im just taking my time right now. I will move over to Unity eventually. No need to worry, if that's the case.
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    Something unrelated to this discussion. GH Games asked me back in 2017 to make a first person shooter type game in 3d rad. This is what I came up with. But the project has just been sitting on my hard drive ever since. So I just decided to share it with yall guys.

    Wasd for movement mouse for pointing. Yeah the models are not correctly modelled, I just fird this out of my head . Was quite fun, but still never refined or came back to this project. P.s you might get stuck against walls sometimes.... I still havent found a good solution to the first person camera collision sphere, sticking to rigid body colliders......try it out if you like. 100mbs download.

    Okay, laters
  • I just saw AmbiensVR advertised on Brackeys. Maybe worth checking out
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  • Thanks Fengol.
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