Technical Artist Full Time Positions Available


The Technical Artist acts a bridge between the artists and programmers, ensuring the art content and features are easily integrated into the game, while respecting the artistic vision and technical constraints of the project.


• Work with modelers and programmers to implement art and bring it into the engine.
• Provide hands-on support to artists and programmers in regard to asset performance and validation.
• Review creative process and identify opportunities for tool improvements.
• Solve challenging technical issues in the art asset pipeline.
• Collaborate with programmers and testers to diagnose and resolve in-game problems.
• Inspire and empower the art team to optimize their processes. • Collaborate with partner studios to share technology and best practices.


• Extensive knowledge of Adobe suite or other VFX authoring packages.
• A cultivated aesthetic sense and an eye for detail.
• Experience and knowledge of animation techniques.
• Ability to accept feedback and implement suggestions.
• Ability to work under pressure and deliver on deadlines.
• Experience with game editors and engines is considered a plus.
• Knowledge of high level coding language is considered a plus.

Contact Nico van der Merwe at if you are interested to apply for the position of Technical Artist


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    Hi there and welcome!

    According to the forum rules, job postings need to include more information than you've provided:
    - A job must be posted by the company offering the position/contract and the company must be clearly identifiable.
    - The position must be clearly stated as a game development position/contract.
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    - The job post may not be solicitation for spec work or in the form of a competition reward.
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    I do apologize. I did not know about the forum rules and I should have checked before I posted the positions. How would I go about removing the discussions posted as I want to reload them with the spec docs and updated details. Thank you for notifying me. I will adjust asap.
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