Looking for game developer and artist in Pretoria [Filled]

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Hi All,

Global New Energy technology development company headquartered in Seattle with office in Pretoria looking for:

- a Senior game developer, and
- a Graphic Artist

To support development of game technology based simulation, training and marketing material. Rapid prototyping through production. Multiple projects.

- Unity
- AR (Apple ARkit)/ VR (Oculus)
- Mobile (iOS and Android)

Market related salaries. Open to full time / part time or contract staff.

DM me for more information.


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  • Thanks to everybody who have responded, Some more information:

    The will be a new initiative for us so you will have to do some work defining the process and outputs. We have built some early prototypes of ideas as PoC but will need to expand them and then when ready to take them to production (or possibly to subcontract out using the prototype as a spec and design)

    We are developing a novel nuclear power system and would like to augment or marketing, training and prototyping effort through AR/VR and some gamification / simulation.

    some product ideas:
    - AR simulation of the plant working
    - AR/VR simulation of plant construction
    - VR simulation of plant operations as well as some security scenarios

    These can all run off a common code base and set of models in unity.

    If you are interested and think you can add value perhaps send me your resume and/or portfolio. my details below.

  • markmit said:
    We are developing a novel nuclear power system
    Wait what? Like, with a reactor and everything? Like real nuclear power?
  • Yes. Like real nuclear power :)
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  • Thanks everybody for the overwhelming response. we have filled the positions.
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