[Pirate Pre-Jam Skirmish 2020] Pirate Hunt

Hey everyone, I just finalized my entry for the 2020 Pirate Pre-Jam Skirmish.
You can find it here:

I will include screenshots later.
It didn't turn out exactly how I wanted but unfortunately I burnt my right hand while making food to keep jamming, so I had to finish it with only using my non-dominant hand
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    Here are some screenshots:
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    I hit a bug where I got stuck here in my first game. When I returned to the cove my ship suddenly started moving super slowly to the bounty spot and then after I turned around I got stuck on the side here and couldn't move in any direction.


    In one of my games my ship just suddenly started moving really slowly here at around the 17 second mark, which meant I couldn't shoot the ship or get to the bounty collection point in time.

    I've also had a game where I hit two ships and then no more appeared and a game where I hit the first ship and no more appeared. (Are they spawning inside the island?)

    An extra, detached copy of the ship's shadow also appears as you sail along next to one section of the island, which I presume you must know about.

    I'm really sorry that you injured yourself and it affected your work. This is a very, very early starting point for something that could be quite fun with more varied tasks and scenery. Once you get into it the sailing is quite relaxing.
    1920 x 1080 - 2M
    1920 x 1080 - 1M
  • Just before the submission deadline I did upload another build which fixed the crashing issue, the ships should be spawning one after the other however I may have placed the spawn points too far apart. Thanks for the feedback.
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