CT Community Evening - 30 October 2019

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NB: Change of Venue
This event happens monthly, is free to attend, and anyone may speak at the meetup - just comment beneath to let us know! This is for anyone and everyone interested in making games of any shape, size or type. Come join us!

Test games! Talk games! Make games!

When: 18:30 until around 21:30, Last Wednesday of the month

Where: Vega School Cape Town -130 Strand St, De Waterkant, Cape Town, 8001

If you have a demo you want played, bring a station on which people can play it, and set it up before the meetup begins!

- 6:30 - 7:00 - Meet and greet
- Rapid fire intros (10 min)
- Community News (5 min)

Talks - 2 x 20 min slots
- Do you have a talk in you? Propose it below
-TBD, this could be you!

Focused Feedback - 2 x 10 min slots
- Post below to get focused feedback on your project.

Open Demo Floor

The event page on Facebook

If you'd like to give a talk or show something to get feedback, please post below!
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    Yay for a new venue!

    Would folks be interested in a talk about how to get your game actually played and solicit feedback? I'm thinking stuff like a the checklist of things to get done for a jam or festival submission. I know we've had similar stuff before, but perhaps a refresher is useful? (this is coming after some bitter-sweet interactions with SAGJ games now)
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    I would love to know what the bitter-sweet interactions were :P
    Yeah, think that's a nice idea!
    Could we also add GGJ 2020 on the list just so people know about it?
  • Hey!

    I'd like to do a test run of / workshop my Playtopia talk on communication in indie game dev teams. I'd be looking for feedback on how relevant people think what I have to share is to their current situation, or what they'd like to know more about. I'll be trying to keep the talk as practical as possible.

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  • Hey! @Kelm and I would love to show our explory game. Fragments.

    ATM it's a bit of a walking sim... but we are at the stage where we want to start thinking more carefully about narrative and interaction. Would be really nice to get some feedback :)
  • Hey! I would like to claim a focused feedback slot for a prototype I'm working on, "A Dark Machine".
    It's narrative-driven, UI only game.

    Mostly looking for some feedback on the pacing and progression of the game.
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  • if we take @francoisvn's and @mmillions_' suggestions as our talks, and "Fragments" and "A Dark Machine" as our focused feedback slots, it all fits perfectly. Any qualms or suggestions?

    @DangerMcJane, I'll add ggj 2020 to the news. Thanks!
  • Hey all, I know it's late notice but I'm going to pull 'A Dark Machine' from the focused feedback slot. I've been working hard on it but I don't feel like it's in a good position to receive feedback at this point. So there's an open slot if anyone wants to take it for their game.
  • Good meetup, thanks folks! Here's that list of festivals I mentioned: http://www.akuparagames.com/festivals if anyone knows of any more accurate/useful lists pls shout :)
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  • Thank you @francoisvn and @mmillions_ for really interesting talks. I enjoyed seeing the evolution of Fragments as well.
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