Existing Unity Title - Modding (2d image/banner placement)

Hi Guys,

I am looking for a Unity Developer/Designer to insert (Inject) not sure what to call it.. custom branding banners (3 Locations) into a Unity-based VR Title.

The images are already designed an available, just need to get it into the game.

Willing to offer R 5000 to person able to assist.


  • This sounds like a bit of strange request, I'd love to know the backstory behind this.

    Do you have the original source code, or are you trying to add them to the binary?

    If you are trying to add them to the binary, did you lose the original source code, or do you not have the rights to the original source code? In which case, do you have rights to modify the binary?

    We might be able to assist, but only if the use case and requirements don't conflict with https://www.computer.org/education/code-of-ethics
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  • So I am helping with an event for a charity function and offered to loan them my personal system with Oculus VR Headset.

    The event is for 1 day and i said i would try and get the sponsors of the event's branding in the game, as a thank you for sponsoring the event...

    I got in touch with the original developer and they can only assist if I pay the full commercial license fee and also $6000.

    Sorry but that seems a bit ridiculous...

    So not sure what other options there are. Not looking to infringe on any code of ethics or licensing.
  • Unfortunately you don't really have many options. The original developers are well within their rights to charge what they see fit, and given they have not given you the right to modify the binary, we won't be able to assist.

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