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I'm currently writing an adventure game in Visionaire Studio and was wondering if anyone else is using it at the moment, or thinking of using it. I could write a guide on how to use it as the help and support for Visionaire is quite poor indeed.


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    I recommend you chat with Joburg based dev Chris Bischoff who's been working on the amazing Stasis for some time now.
    Chris has stated repeatedly that support for it is quite good, he's managed to get the dev team to add new features
  • Ah, I guess I just got bad luck then. I've mostly been trying the tutorials, the wiki and the website, but there seems to be a bug where you cannot access the forum in English. Statis looks amazing, I'll definitely try to get a hold of him.
  • Hmm, never heard of Visionaire Studio; I used to use Adventure Game Studio back in the day. I wonder how they compare?
  • I'm still busy with Visionaire, I'll give AGS a try afterward, and try to get some feedback on the difference
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