Comic Con Africa Project Springbok - Competition For Steam, Or Android And iOS, Publishing


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Comic Con Africa (taking place 21-24 September 2019) is running a competition that's offering publishing assistance for Steam, or Android or iOS if it's a mobile game. The competition is for hobbyists and independents.
Calling all independent game developers! Project Springbok, located in the Comic Con Africa Dev Zone, is an exciting initiative at Comic Con Africa 2019 hosted in Johannesburg. Independent developers are invited to apply for a spot by submitting their original games and motivation to us for showcasing at Comic Con Africa.

You will receive a spot in the Project Springbok Dev Zone on the exhibition floor where you will showcase the game to the visiting public at the Con and they can vote for your game.

If you get the most audited votes from Comic Con Africa visitors, YOUR game will be uploaded onto Steam, Android or iOS by Comic Con Africa. Steam is an international platform where games are sold.

Please read the all-important Ts&Cs and apply for this incredible opportunity to get international recognition for your talent and hard work, not to mention a listing on Steam that could launch your career to the next level.

Comic Con Africa knows just how hard you work to develop you passion, and we are all too pleased to give you this platform to take the next leap for your game’s future!
All the information, plus the terms and conditions, can be found here.

Most important:
Do I qualify for a Project Springbok Dev Zone stand?
1. “You” and “themselves” shall refer to an individual or a group. Project Springbok at the Dev Zone is a space for independent game developers who produce original games by themselves without any professional game development studio assistance or by any paid professional.
a. A professional game development studio is a business or company that conceptualises and develops games for commercial profit.
b. A paid professional is anyone who has been paid by to create portions or the entirety of the submitted game.
If you are picked as a finalist you have to showcase the game at the convention. You will be given stand space that you will have to man for the full four days. Your travel expenses and equipment hiring will not be covered.
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