Unity tweening asset

Can anyone share their opinion on a preferred tweening asset for Unity?

For years I've used LeanTween but I've seen lots of videos suggesting DoTween.

Has anyone compared them?


  • We use DOTween for Steambirds. Honestly not sure why - that decision was made a long time before I joined the project - but we don't have any reason to change it, so that's a point in its favour.
  • Have always used DOTween and can recommend it. Even the free version has enough functionality in most cases.
  • I've tried a few libraries, but use DoTween for everything. I LOVE the workflow and structure of it.
  • This looks awesome. Besides using a camera shake library, I've just been manually implementing tweening where I need it, and haven't thought of using a library for it (or even making my own). As a result, not as many things are tweened as should be. Going to give DoTween a shot!
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    Have fun! And just to reiterate, the reason I like it is because of how natural making things animate feels.
    Here is how simple it is:
    IEnumerator ReleasePrefab(GameObject obj, bool showDust)
        var bounds = obj.CalculateBounds();
        var pos = obj.transform.position;
        yield return obj.transform.DOMove(pos - new Vector3(0, -Mathf.Min(0.1f, bounds.size.y / 3f), 0), 0.3f).SetEase(Ease.OutCubic).WaitForCompletion();
        yield return obj.transform.DOMove(pos, 0.2f).SetEase(Ease.InCubic).WaitForCompletion();
    ...other stuff

    (the DoTween stuff is the .DoMove onwards)

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